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ACC’s annual Performance Excellence Program (PEP) will run from June 24, 2024 to August 23, 2024.

PEP is the formal process whereby employees receive feedback on aspects of their performance and behavior and are able to discuss professional development goals. This evaluation helps ensure employees are providing the quality of work that drives ACC’s success.

The Professional Development office is your contact for questions related to the staff Performance Evaluation Program (PEP).

PEP Evaluations

With few exceptions (listed below) all classified, professional-technical, and administrator employees must complete the Performance Excellence Program (PEP) annually. The college uses Workday to access and complete the evaluation process.

You will access your PEP from the Workday inbox 

The PEP evaluation follows the same four-step process for every employee.

  • Step 1: Self-Evaluation & Goal Setting (everyone must complete)
  • Step 2: Manager Evaluation 
  • Step 3: Manager and Employee will meet and discuss PEP (also known as Hold To Meet)
  • Step 4: Employee can comment on their evaluation and will sign off on the final version of the PEP

Mandatory Compliance Training

Before PEP evaluations are conducted, all employees should be up to date with their mandatory compliance trainings defined below.

Compliance training courses are:

  • Cybersecurity (every year)
  • Active Shooter Training (every year)
  • Tapestry – American Disabilities Act Awareness (every two years)
  • Groundswell – Discrimination and Harassment Prevention (every two years)
  • Meridians – Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Training (every two years)

Employees can enroll for the mandatory compliance trainings in Workday by visiting the Learning Home bulletin board linked here. For directions on how to check the completion status and find your learning transcript in Workday, click this job aid.

What is New with PEP for 2024?

All employees will receive and complete a PEP this year and going forward. The only exemptions will be for employees and supervisors employed less than 180 days (or 6 months) from the start of PEP.

  • For example, employees hired between December 24, 2023, through the start of PEP June 24, 2024, will NOT receive a PEP.

Ratings have been updated this year as well. A rating category has been added, bringing the total from four to five, to more accurately reflect an employee’s standing.

  • Newly added: “Somewhat Meets Expectations
  • “Meets Expectations” renamed to “Successfully Meets Expectations

PEP Evaluation Overall Ratings for 2024

Newly updated and added rating metrics and verbiage have been highlighted for your reference; however, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all of the ratings.

Employee and/or supervisor must provide objective and verifiable examples to show the employee meets the criteria for any rating other than “Successfully Meets Expectations.”

  • What does each rating mean?
    • Redefines Expectations:
      • Consistently demonstrates superior performance  and exemplifies the purpose and intended outcome of their position (greater than 75% of the time)
      • Positively impacts and influences the productivity and morale of others, including beyond their own department
      • Surpasses all expectations related to duties, knowledge, and skills as defined by their position/responsibilities
      • Actively seeks support and demonstrates the ability to integrate constructive feedback into job performance
      • Often sought out as a resource for others based on their technical expertise and/or professional perspective
      • Role models skills and performance expected of their position
    • Exceeds Expectations:
      • Consistently exceeds expected duties, knowledge, and skills associated with their position/responsibilities (~75% or more of the time)
      • Results add value beyond the scope of the current role, often benefitting the team, department, and/or college
      • Actively seeks support and demonstrates the ability to act on constructive feedback
      • Often exceeds the purpose and intended outcome of their position 
      • Embodies skills and performance expected of their position
    • Successfully Meets Expectations:
      • Strong, solid performer who consistently meets (and occasionally exceeds) expectations
      • Satisfies the purpose and intended outcomes of their position
      • Demonstrates dependable, solid performance in the majority of their expected duties, knowledge, and/or skills (~50% or more of the time)
      • Sometimes or often increases contribution when needed
      • Demonstrates ability to seek support and act on constructive feedback
    • Somewhat Meets Expectations
      • Occasionally demonstrates adequate performance in most areas, but needs improvement in one or more significant aspects critical to their position (~25% or more of the time)
      • Work product or how it is produced requires improvement in one or more defined areas to meet expectations of their position
      • Performance occasionally requires coaching and follow up to achieve standards associated with their position/responsibilities
      • Performance or behavior occasionally can be seen as not conducive to a productive work environment
      • Sometimes or often seeks support and/or constructive feedback to improve
    • Does Not Meet Expectations:
      • Consistently performs below the level expected in all or almost all areas of their position/responsibilities.
      • Unsatisfactory in 75% or more of their expected duties, knowledge, and/or skills demonstrated, OR
      • Demonstrates behaviors that disrupt the work environment or the ability of others to perform, OR
      • Does not demonstrate ability to seek support and/or act on constructive feedback
      • Rating reserved for significant performance deficiencies and requires performance management support

Information Sessions

Information Sessions — Professional Development will hold two information sessions to address the updates to PEP for 2024 and the PEP process specifically for Staff. Supervisors will be invited to their own information sessions tailored to their PEP responsibilities and actions.

Please click the link below to register for the information session that best fits your schedule. They will be recorded and posted to this site.

  • Workday Registration Link
  • Webinar Recording (All Staff) – Coming Soon
    • Webinar Presentation Slides (PDF) – Coming Soon
  • PEP FAQs – All Staff (PDF) – Coming Soon


Please direct any questions about PEP through the HR Mojo Ticketing System. During the busy PEP season, responses may be delayed.

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