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ACC has adopted an evaluation process to appraise, develop, and document staff performance. This evaluation helps ensure employees are providing the quality of work that meets ACC’s needs and more.

The Staff Development and Evaluations Office is your contact for questions related to the staff (non-faculty) Performance Evaluation Plan (PEP) and all staff development-related questions.

Staff Evaluation, Performance Excellence Program Administrative Rule 4.1201.01

PEP Evaluations

All classified, professional-technical, and administrator employees must complete the annual Performance Excellence Program (PEP) annually. The annual PEP evaluation generally begins in June and continues into August. The college uses the Workday tool to access and complete the evaluation process.

You will access your PEP from the Workday inbox 

The PEP evaluation follows the same four-step process for EVERY employee.

  • Step 1: Self-Evaluation (everyone must complete)
  • Step 2: Manager Evaluation 
  • Step 3: Employee and Manager will meet and discuss PEP
  • Step 4: Employee can comment on the evaluation and will sign off on the final version of PEP

Mandatory Compliance Training

All employees should be up to date with their mandatory compliance training. Access this training via the Learning icon in Workday. For directions on how to find your learning transcript in Workday, click this job aid.

View a professional development transcript from the previous Workshop & Event Registration Database.

Workday learning icon

Training courses are:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Tapestry
  • Groundswell
  • Meridians

Employees can enroll and check the completion status for the mandatory compliance training in Workday by visiting the Learning Home Bulletin Board linked here.

Contact Staff Development and Evaluations if you need additional assistance for the above courses.

PEP Evaluation Process and Resources

  • Goal-setting and comments — You will have the opportunity to review your previous year’s goals and set goals for the upcoming fiscal year with your supervisor during your PEP meeting. Supervisors can offer feedback on the goals. 
  • Supervisor HOLD TO MEET — Supervisors will submit their completed version of the evaluation until they have met with their employees. The supervisor will click submit again after he or she has met with their employee(s). Once the second SUBMIT is clicked, the evaluation is routed to the employee(s) for their review and acknowledgment. 
  • Employee Acknowledgement — Employees complete the PEP process by signing off on their evaluation. The PEP is not complete until this step is completed. 
  • Information Sessions — Staff Professional Development and Evaluations held sessions to answer questions about the PEP process in Workday. Please see the recorded sessions below.
  • Exemptions — If your direct report is currently on FMLA, has been with your team for 90 days or less or you have been in an ACC supervisory or interim role for 90 days or less, you can be granted an exemption from the PEP evaluation cycle. To be considered for an exemption, please complete the PEP Exemption Request form.

If you have questions, please contact Nicole Bell, Interim Manager, Staff Professional Development and Evaluations (

PEP Evaluation Overall Ratings for 2023

Employee and/or supervisor must provide objective and verifiable examples to show the employee meets the criteria for any rating other than “Meets Expectations.”

  • What does my rating mean?
    • Redefines Expectations:
      • Role models skills and performance expected of their position 
      • Routinely meets and regularly exceeds the purpose and intended outcome of their position
      • Employee positively impacts and influences the productivity and morale of others, including beyond their own department
      • Employee satisfactorily meets all expectations related to duties, knowledge, and skills
      • Employee actively seeks support and demonstrates the ability to integrate constructive feedback into job performance
      • Employee is often a resource for others based on their technical expertise and/or professional perspective
    • Exceeds Expectations:
      • Often exceeds the purpose and intended outcome of their position 
      • Is not deficient in any of the expected duties, knowledge, and skills associated with their position 
      • Often (~25% of the time or more) exceeds minimum duties, knowledge, and skills expected
      • Actively seeks support and demonstrates the ability to act on constructive feedback
    • Meets Expectations:
      • Satisfies the purpose and intended outcomes of their position
      • Demonstrates dependable, good performance in the majority of their expected duties, knowledge, and/or skills 
      • Sometimes or often increases contribution when needed
      • Demonstrates skills and behaviors that align with the College’s Mission, Vision, and Values
      • Demonstrates ability to seek support and act on constructive feedback
    • Does Not Meet Expectations:
      • Generally not satisfactory in fulfilling the purpose and intended outcomes of their position
      • Unsatisfactory in 50% or more of their expected duties, knowledge, and/or skills demonstrated, OR
      • Demonstrates behaviors that disrupt the work environment or the ability of others to perform, OR
      • Does not demonstrate ability to seek support and/or act on constructive feedback


How do I find previous PEP information?

  • Log in to the Performance Excellence Online System.
  • Click Evaluations in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Select the 2022 evaluation from the drop-down.
  • Download the file for convenience.

Please direct any questions about PEP, Performance, Workday Talent, and Performance to Nicole Bell,

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