Voluntary Savings Programs

The 2024 contribution limits for 403(b) and 457 plans are up to $23,000 to each plan if you are under age 50, and up to $30,500 to each plan if your are age 50 or older.

All ACC employees are eligible to make additional contributions toward retirement by participating in a voluntary savings plan. Employees may contribute pre-tax or after-tax funds to the plan of their choice up to the defined annual IRS maximum. Participation in this plan is in addition to the mandatory State or required ACC retirement plans. There are no ACC matching contributions to these voluntary savings plans.

Along with our administrative partner, US Omni and TSACG Compliance Services, we are excited to share a tailored site prepared specifically for the Austin Community College District. Valuable online resources located on this site include an Annual Benefits Guide introducing employees to available plan options, a Meaningful Notice that provides plan summary information, and a Plan Participation Guide that provides instructions on how to enroll, make plan changes, and request distributions. There are also important links to the Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) platform, the SRA Tutorial, and Authorized Investment Provider information on the site. We encourage all employees to visit this site to learn more about our administrative partner and all of these important resources.

All of our Authorized Investment Providers have local representatives. These trained financial professionals can provide information on available voluntary savings plans and assist you with any questions.

If you have questions about these plans, please contact HR Benefits or Kelly Clennan.

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