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ACC’s Employment Office can help you navigate hiring processes at ACC. Find an overview of college hiring processes below. For additional support, please contact hr_empl@austincc.edu or call 512-223-7573.

Hourly and Adjunct Professor Hiring

The two largest employee categories at ACC are hourly employees and adjunct professors.

Adjunct Faculty Hiring Guidelines

Review the Hiring Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty guide. In addition to guiding you through the process, it helps ensure compliance with ACC goals, objectives, and with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

The selection and employment process must be consistent for each applicant and provide the opportunity for the applicants to define why they are the best applicant for the teaching position. We want to ensure a quality process for the hiring of well-qualified faculty who are committed to our students.

The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing the tools and services you need to be effective in the employment process. If we can assist you in any way, please contact HR.

Adjunct Faculty Hiring Guidelines (PDF)

Hiring an hourly employee

Hourly employees are hired by ACC on a project basis, to substitute for employees on approved leave or when the workload exceeds the ability of the regular staff to accomplish work in a timely manner and on a quality basis.

Posting the Position

1. The position can be advertised on the ACC Employment Opportunities website by contacting the Human Resources Employment Office.
2. If you need an employee immediately, you can hire without posting.
3. The title and hourly rates for hourly employees are listed in the Compensation Information Manual. If you need a copy of the manual or if the title or rate you need is not listed, you will need to contact the HR Compensation Manager, Dana Tucker dtucker@austincc.edu.

Hiring an Hourly Employee

1. Supervisors may hire hourly employees within their authorized budget. Prior approval must be secured from the next level supervisor before hiring hourly personnel.
2. The new hourly employee should meet the requirements of the position as listed on the standard Position Vacancy Notice and/or the official job description.
3. All new hourly employees will need to complete the Hourly Employment Forms (austincc.edu/human-resources/hr-forms) and the Hourly Employee Orientation no later than the first day of employment. If the employee worked for ACC previously, but not within the past year, these forms must be completed.
4. Forward completed forms to Tina Colvin in HR Employment (tkennedy@austincc.edu) by the appropriate deadlines within the Payment Schedule.
5. The hiring department will be responsible for entering the employee and assignment information in the Personnel Authorization System.
6. The information entered will also need to be approved by budget authority within the PA System by the appropriate deadlines within the Payment Schedule to assure payment.
7. If the hourly assignment is not entered or approved by the appropriate deadline, a timesheet may not be generated by the system.
8. Hourly employees are not eligible for benefits, except for the Qualified Retirement Plan (ACC Money Purchase Plan).
9. Hourly employees are subject to all ACC policies.

Full-Time Faculty

View Full-time Faculty Hiring Guidelines (PDF)

Faculty Hiring Guidelines

Faculty hiring guidelines prepare you to hire full-time faculty members and will help assure compliance with ACC goals and objectives and with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

The Office of Human Resources is available to assist you in the employment process. We are committed to providing you with the tools and services that you need to be effective in this endeavor. We want to ensure a quality process for the hiring of well qualified faculty who will be committed to our students. To that end, the selection and employment process must be consistent for each applicant. It must provide applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate why they are the best applicant for each available teaching position.

If you have questions about the process after reviewing training materials, please contact us.

Committee Information

Faculty and staff hiring is supported by a diverse hiring committees, which are approved by the Employment Office. Committee members must complete training prior to serving on a hiring committee.

Criminal Background Check Process

Austin Community College District conducts criminal background checks on all new employees and employees that obtain new positions in the college.

Criminal Background Checks Guidelines

Departments are asked to initiate the criminal background check process for adjunct faculty, hourly, and work study-hourly employees. HR will initiate the background check process for full-time faculty, administrators and all staff positions.

Onboarding and Orientation

Properly onboarding an employee is key to creating a positive and welcoming environment for new employees. Once an employee has completed the appropriate hiring process according to their employment category, HR will notify supervisors that they can begin work. Administrators, staff, and full-time faculty who are new to the college or have a change of status will be enrolled in an HR-facilitated orientation.


New Hourly Employee Orientation can be accessed online within the employee’s first days. Hourly employees will be asked to submit an Orientation Acknowledgement Waiver as a final step to verify receipt and completion of this orientation. Supervisors will need to ensure that a timesheet in eTime is available before a new hourly employee begins to ensure that the hiring process is complete.

New Adjunct Faculty Orientation is a virtual experience consisting of four (4) brief modules. This orientation can be broken up accommodate busy schedules while conveying important information such as pay schedules and mandatory compliance pieces.

New Staff Employee Orientation is a live experience for new to ACC and change of status employees. During orientation, HR will guide new administrators and staff through important College information and benefit enrollment.


ACC Supervisor’s Guide to Onboarding site is a resource to help supervisors lay the foundation for smooth transition of new staff.

New Faculty Onboarding is live experience hosted by Human Resources. This comprehensive orientation and semester-long onboarding program is designed to launch new faculty into a successful and long career at ACC.

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