Summer Benefits Enrollment

Summer Enrollment is the time to make any necessary changes your Benefits Plans. This annual enrollment period for ACC is determined by Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS)

For active employees and retirees not eligible for Medicare

If you are an active employee or retiree not eligible for Medicare, you can enroll in or change coverage for yourself and eligible dependents during the two-week Summer Enrollment phase assigned to you. Coverage changes go into effect Sept. 1 each year.

Summer Enrollment is your only chance to make benefits changes unless you have a qualifying life event.

If you don’t want to make changes to your benefits, you do not need to do anything during Summer Enrollment; your current coverage will continue through the following Plan Year.

ERS will update their Summer Enrollment website with information as it becomes available. Check the ERS website in late May and early June for information and resources from ERS and plan administrators, including premium rate sheets, enrollment guides and other plan year materials.

    ERS Emails Confirmation of Changes

    If you make any changes to your ERS benefits during Summer Enrollment, ERS emails you a confirmation statement that lists all of the changes. In some cases ERS will send the confirmation by mail. Email confirmations are sent on the same day that the changes are entered in ERS OnLine. Please review your Summer Enrollment confirmation statement carefully to be sure that it reflects the benefit changes you intended to make.  If you find a mistake, contact ERS at 877-275-4377.

    Important Reminder: If you need to make a Family Status Change or Post Hire Change during July and August, you will need to complete this benefits election form and send it to the ACC HR Benefits office or call ERS customer service at 877-275-4377.  During Summer Enrollment, ERS does not allow employees to go online and make these types of changes.

    Make Sure Your Changes Were Completed

    Making your summer enrollment changes is like doing your taxes; because you do it only once a year it can be confusing and easy to make mistakes.  That is why it is so important to make sure that your benefits are correct during September.  Here are some tips.

    1. If you make a change during July, you should receive a confirmation by email or mail from the Employees Retirement System (ERS) soon thereafter.  If you don’t, something may be wrong.  Check your ERS account online or call ERS at 877-275-4377.
    2. Check your September 2023 online pay statement to be sure it reflects your correct benefits.  Log into the ACC Workday portal to see your Benefits elections or view your pay stubs.  If there is a problem, contact HR Benefits immediately.
    3. If you enroll in or change health plans, you should receive a new ID card from the carrier by September 1.  If you don’t, call the carrier; BCBSTX at 800-252-8039. Delta Dental does not issue ID cards.
    4. If you sign up for a TexFlex flexible savings account, be sure you are in the correct type of account, health care versus dependent care. If you sign up for the wrong account, the money can’t be transferred to the other account and will potentially be lost.
    5. If you make a change that requires evidence of insurability, i.e. enrolled or increased optional life, enrolled in dependent life, short term disability or long term disability, once approved make sure it is reflected in your ERS account and on your ACC online pay statement.
    6. If you think a mistake has been made, you must contact ERS (877-275-4377), the carrier (see above) and/or the ACC HR Benefits office ( by October 15.  Most enrollment corrections can be made until that date.  After October 15, you will not be able to correct your benefits for the remainder of FY2024, unless you experience a qualifying life event during the year.

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