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Please remember not to include any confidential information, such as FMLA or ADA information, when using Mojo or In the drop-down menu below, you’ll find the names, phone numbers, and email addresses for all HR staff members.

Office of the Vice Chancellor Human Resources

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Communications
  • Business Partners
Kelly Torrico – Vice Chancellor 512-223-7572
Vicki Franklin – Executive Assistant 512-223-7572
Elma Benavides – Managing Director 512-223-7520
Cyndy Cerbin – Communications Coordinator 512-738-4356

HR Business Partners

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Serve as liaison between HR “home office” and ACC campuses
  • Provide managers with strategic assistance
  • Coach and consult on employee relations matters
  • More on the HR Business Partners web page
Donald Jackson – South Region Business Partner 737-733-2522
Aly Wang – Central Region Business Partner 737-232-0973
Erica Breedlove – North Region Business Partner 512-738-2690

Benefits Team

Areas of Responsibility:

  • ADA
  • Change of Benefits
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • ORP
  • Part-time Employees Retirement Fund
  • Sick Leave Pool
  • Employee Wellness
  • Employee Resource Program – ERP
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Employer Certification
Alisol Martinez – Manager 512-223-7800
Mauri Winters 512-223-7577
Kelly Clennan 512-223-7609
Mayra Briones 512-223-7617
Anna Carrasco 512-223-7537
Kim Akalski 512-223-7726

Compensation Team

Compensation Manager (Vacant)
Caryn Christopher 512-223-7604
Prisca Baker 512-223-7028
Lisa Griggs 512-223-7563
Tosha Billingsley 512-223-7232

Employment Team

Employment Manager (Vacant)
Jennifer Uptmore 512-223-7229
Divya Krishnankutty 512-223-7534
Soledad Garcia-Brady 512-223-7224
Brittney Tran 512-223-7573
Ninostka Amaro 512-223-7073
Verification of Employment Requests

Professional Development Team

  • Supervisor and Staff Professional Development Programs
  • Custom Workshops Requests
  • Employee Training
  • Performance
  • Supervisory and Leadership Training
  • Employee (Staff) Evaluations, Performance Excellence Program (PEP)
  • Facilitation Workshops 
  • Linked In Learning Master – Campus Administration
  • Riverbats Bravo Awards
  • ACC Leadership Academy
  • HR’s Employee Compliance Training
  • Educational Incentive
  • Employee Tuition Voucher Program
Wade Trost – Director 512-223-7725
Nicole Bell 512-223-7997
Inelia Caimanque 512-223-7230
Gabriela Guerrero 512-223-7228
Matthew Castilleja 512-223-7536

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