Tuition Waiver Plan Questions and Answers

What if I have 30 credits from another community college?

If you have no degree, you need to meet with a counselor to find out how many credits will transfer to ACC and get a degree plan.

What if I have enough credits for an associate’s degree but I’m not on a degree plan?

Visit an ACC advisor and get a degree plan. If you have classes to complete and you meet the plan requirements, you can participate in the waiver plan and finish your Associates Degree.

Do I need to request assistance every semester, even if I’m on a degree plan?

Yes, this program is served on a first come, first serve, per semester.

What happens if I drop my class?

You will follow the guidelines for dropped classes and pay ACC any incurred costs for the class.

My class has lab and book fees. Are those fees waived as part of the Tuition Waiver Program?

No, any fees outside of the tuition are the responsibility of the employee/student.

What if I get an incomplete in my class?

Incomplete classes will be handled on a case by case basis.

Do I have to take classes every semester? In the summer?

No, you do not have to take classes every semester, but remember that you need to apply every semester to get your courses waived and the classes need to be part of the degree plan.

Is there a limit of how many classes I can take in a semester? In a year?

No, there is no limit as to how many classes can be taken. However, keep in mind that classes need to be scheduled outside of working hours.

Does the plan include Distance Learning classes?

Yes, Distance Learning classes can be taken if they are part of the degree plan.

Does my supervisor have to approve my degree plan?

No, the degree plan is a decision between you and an ACC advisor.

What if classes are only available during works hours?

Classes are to be taken outside of work hours. However, it is at your supervisor’s discretion to discuss a flexible work schedule for the semester that will allow you to take the class.

Does my degree have to relate to my current position at ACC?

No, you are free to pursue any degree offered at ACC.

Can I use the tuition waiver program with the RN-to-BSN program?

You can use the waiver program up until you receive your Associate’s degree, but anything after that would need to funded through a different program.

When will I be notified that my classes were paid for?

Once your request is received and your eligibility for the plan is confirmed, your class costs will be waived.

If I don’t make a “C” or better?

If your grade report is not a “C” or better you will owe ACC the cost of tuition and fees for the classes that were waived.

Can I use my voucher to pay for the course that was waived if I do not make a “C” or better?

No, vouchers must be submitted before class starts, and cannot be used retroactively.

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