Retiree Insurance Coverage & Cost

Eligible ACC retirees may continue their health insurance coverage through ERS. The cost of coverage depends on whether the retiree and/or their covered dependents are eligible for Medicare (see rate sheets below). In addition to health insurance coverage, ERS-qualified retirees may enroll in dental, optional life, and AD&D coverage.

Return-to-work retirees may choose active or retiree insurance benefits

A return-to-work (RTW) retiree may enroll in either active employee insurance benefits or remain on retiree insurance benefits.

Medicare-eligible return-to-work retirees who have been enrolled in the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage plan are not eligible for this plan when they return to work. They will be re-enrolled in the non-Medicare medical and prescription drug plan they were enrolled in as an active employee.

If you return to work and choose active employee benefits

  • Insurance premiums are deducted from an employee’s paycheck pre-tax, and not from his or her monthly retirement annuity payments.
  • In calculating Optional Term Life insurance coverage, ERS uses the employee’s salary as of September 1. For an RTW employee, this coverage level is based on their current salary, even if the previous salary was higher, and will remain at that level when the RTW employee returns to retiree status.
  • RTW retirees enrolled in HealthSelectSM of Texas have in-area benefits.
  • RTW retirees can change their enrollment elections or status during Summer Enrollment or if they have a qualifying life event (QLE).
  • RTW retirees can enroll in TexFlex when electing active employee benefits.
  • If a retiree returns to a part-time employee position and elects active employee benefits, he or she will only receive half of the state contribution for health coverage.

If you return to work and choose retiree benefits

  • All other benefits will remain the same.
  • RTW retirees can change their enrollment elections or status during their enrollment period or if they have a QLE. Coverage can be reduced at any time and the change will be effective the first of the following month.
  • Those electing retiree benefits cannot enroll in TexFlex.

If you have questions about your retiree insurance benefits, please contact the ERS at 877-275-4377 or visit the ERS website.

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