Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS)

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is a defined benefit program described in Internal Revenue Code (IRS) Section 401(a). All ACC employees who meet one of the following eligibility criteria are required to participate in TRS and are enrolled on their first day of employment:

  •  Employees expected to work at least 20 hours or more per week for at least 4.5 months.
  •  Employees who are currently contributing to TRS at another TRS-covered employer.
  •  Employees who have established TRS service credit in the current plan year at the time of employment.

Employees whose jobs require student status as a condition of employment are exempt from these requirements and are not eligible to participate in TRS.

The Texas State Legislature sets contribution rates for this plan. Employees contribute 8.25% of eligible earnings on a pre-tax basis each pay period, and ACC contributes an additional 8.25% match. Employees vest after five years of participation with a right to a lifetime annuity. 

TRS provides retirement, disability, and death benefits. Retirement benefits are based on a formula established by the Texas State Legislature. TRS membership tier, years of TRS service credit, and salary are used to determine retirement eligibility and calculate retirement annuities.For more information on this program, please review the TRS Handbook, and all of the New Member Education Videos at the TRS site. To access your individual TRS account, please create an account at myTRS or contact TRS Member Services.

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