Bravo Award Evaluation Committee

Riverbats Bravo Award nominations are accepted twice a year: January 15 – April 15, and August 15 – November 15. Access the Bravo award nomination form.

Human Resources coordinates representation from each employee association for this committee. This is not considered a shared governance committee and, therefore, not eligible for stipends for attending or participating in this committee. Membership is voluntary, and supervisor approval to participate is always required.

  • Membership will be comprised of two employees per employee association (Adjunct Faculty, Faculty Senate, and Classified and Professional-Technical), a total of eight members.
  • Committee members serve for one fiscal year and are eligible to serve a second fiscal year with supervisor’s approval. No member can serve more than two consecutive fiscal years.
  • Committee membership will be kept anonymous from the college community.
  • Committee members are not eligible to receive Level 2 or Level 3 during their time of service.

For any reason, if employee association participation is not fulfilled, the vice chancellor of human resources may identify employees to serve in this capacity.

Committee Charge and Functions

The program’s evaluation committee is responsible for evaluating nominations in accordance to the program’s criteria.

  • Attend a one-hour orientation meeting in August chaired by the program administrator. The program administrators may elect to meet with the committee in-person to discuss the program and the responsibilities of each committee member. (1 hour)
  • Evaluate and score fall and spring nominations at the beginning of each month in September, October, November, December, February, March, April, and May for the Riverbats Employee Excellence Award. (2 hours per month)
    • Approximately 30 nominations per month.
    • Evaluate and score the nominations submitted for each Riverbats Employee Excellence Awardee in June to identify the Riverbats Employee of the Year Awardee. (1 hour)
    • Submit scores for every nominee in the nomination cycle.
    • Act as tiebreakers and re-evaluate nominations if appropriate.
    • Find an alternate to evaluate and score nominations if the committee member is unable to meet their committee obligation.

In the event a committee member is unable to fulfill their commitment, they must find a replacement to serve in their stead whenever possible.

For any reason, if employee association participation is not fulfilled, the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources may identify employees to serve in this capacity.

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