Compensation Market Study

FY21 Market Study Executive Summary

In accordance with Board Policy, the ACC HR Compensation team conducts a Non-
Faculty Market Study every two years in the odd year. The FY21 Non-Faculty Market
Study was conducted for all non-faculty staff positions in spring 2021 for
implementation in FY22 (September 1, 2021). 

To provide transparency and feedback in the Market Study process, the college formed a Market Study Review Committee comprising four members from the Classified Employees Association, four members from the Association of Professional-Technical Employees and four administrators (appointed by the president). These individuals served on the committee:

Classified Employees Association

Eli Arzate
Matt Campbell
Miguel DeLeon
Bernie Hinterlong

Association of Professional-Technical Employees

Toru Bennette
Eileen Eiden
Pamela Chukwuneke
Lauren Sebel


Shasta Buchanan
Aziz Hussaini
Mike Midgley
Neil Vickers

The Market Study enables ACC to verify and make needed market adjustments and
ensure market competitive salaries. Market competitive salaries are important tools to
recruiting and retaining needed talent.

The committee compiled Market Study data from these sources:

  • CUPA-HR Administrators in Higher Education Salaries Survey (effective 11/1/20)
  • CUPA-HR Professionals in Higher Education Salaries Survey (effective 11/1/20)
  • CUPA-HR Staff in Higher Education Salaries Survey (effective 11/1/20)
  • Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Survey (effective 8/1/20)
  • CompData Community College Survey (effective 7/1/20)
  • FY21 ACC HR Compensation Texas Metro Community Colleges Salary Survey (effective 9/1/20)
  • Mercer Metropolitan Area Survey – South Central Region (effective 3/1/20) 
  • WageAccess Compensation Survey/Texas Compensation Survey (effective 2/1/21)
  • PayFactors Survey (effective 3/1/21)
  • Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) Administrator Survey (effective 9/1/20)

Surveys were aged to a common date of 9/1/2021. The Employment Cost Index (ECI)
as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wages and Salaries, National –
State/Local Government Works, Schools (includes community colleges) for the 12
months ended December 2020 was used to age the surveys to a common date. This
source for the aging factor has been used consistently in previous market studies.

Also consistent with prior market studies, jobs were matched by function and purpose
using an 80% – 120% job match criteria. In the case of the Market Study, ACC jobs that
met the match criteria and were able to be priced using the market survey data sources
were considered benchmark positions.  Benchmark positions are defined as jobs that
are found in the marketplace and represent a good cross-section of the institution (i.e.
Accountant, Groundskeeper, Buyer, Advising Specialist, etc.).  

The ACC Compensation Team and the Market Study Review Committee conducted benchmark reviews.   Additional analysis of benchmark links and overall compensation structure was conducted by the ACC Compensation team. Final recommendations for market changes were presented to the chancellor’s cabinet and included in the proposed FY22 budget which was voted on by the ACC Board of Trustees in early July, 2021. 

Any salary changes for employees resulting from the Market Study will be implemented September
1, 2021, and reflected in paychecks beginning the end of September.

Check out the links below for more details on benchmarks and links:

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