Faculty Longevity

Faculty longevity refers to the number of years of teaching experience a faculty member has at ACC based on longevity credit.

Faculty can only receive up to 1 year of longevity credit per fiscal year. Each semester is worth .50 year of longevity credit with 1 year being the maximum.

History of Faculty Longevity

Since opening in the early seventies, ACC has calculated longevity for adjunct faculty in three different ways. Until August 1996, adjunct faculty had to teach three semesters (fall, spring, summer) to get 1 year of longevity credit. If they taught one semester, they received .3 year of longevity, two semesters equaled .6 year of longevity and three semesters equaled 1 year of longevity. The rules changed in fall 1996 and an adjunct had to teach fall and spring to receive 1 year of longevity. If they taught a fall or a spring semester, they received .50 year of longevity credit; summer did not count.

The college implemented the current formula in fall 2004. Adjunct faculty can receive one year of longevity credit with any combination of fall, spring, or summer semesters taught. They earn .50 year of longevity credit if they teach only one semester.

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