Hiring Hourly Employees

ACC hires hourly employees on a project basis, to substitute for employees on approved leave, or when regular staff is unable to accomplish work in a timely manner and on a quality basis.

Posting a Position

Hiring an Hourly Employee

  • Supervisors may hire hourly employees within their authorized budget. Prior approval must be secured from the next level supervisor before hiring hourly personnel.
  • The new hourly employee should meet the requirements of the position as listed on the standard Position Vacancy Notice and/or the official job description.
  • All new hourly employees will need to complete the Hourly Employment Forms and the Hourly Employee Orientation no later than the first day of employment. If the employee worked for ACC previously, but not within the past year, these forms must be completed.
  • Forward completed forms to Tina Colvin in HR Employment (tkennedy@austincc.edu) by the appropriate deadlines within the Payment Schedule.
  • The hiring department will be responsible for entering the employee and assignment information in Workday.
  • The information entered will also need to be approved by the cost center manager by the appropriate deadlines within the Payment Schedule to assure payment.
  • If the hourly assignment is not entered or approved by the appropriate deadline, a timesheet may not be generated by the system. 
  • Hourly employees are not eligible for benefits, except for the Qualified Retirement Plan (ACC Money Purchase Plan).
  • Hourly employees are subject to all ACC policies.

Working Hours

The supervisor is responsible for establishing working hours and processing timesheets.

  • If an hourly employee is working fewer than 20 hours per week they cannot work more than 900 hours per fiscal year and, in addition, if the employee is working 20 hours or more, they cannot work more than four months.
  • Guidelines in #1 applies to hourly employees working in combined assignments. The employee’s supervisor should inquire as to whether the employee is working for more than one department and, if so, the supervisor should contact the other supervisor to discuss the employee’s work schedule and hours.
  • If the employee reaches 900 hours before the end of the assignment, it is required that the hourly employee’s employment be terminated and another employee be hired if assistance is still needed.
  • An employee who reaches 900 hours may not be re-hired as an hourly employee until the next fiscal year.
  • There are times when the employee may be scheduled to work but is unable to due to illness or other acceptable reasons. In this case, employees should notify their supervisor as soon as possible with the reason for their absence and anticipated return date.

Termination of Hourly Employment

  • Hourly employees are hired on an as needed, at will basis. There is no guarantee of continued employment or continuation in an assignment. The employment of an hourly employee may be terminated at any time and without prior notice.
  • If an hourly employee is terminated for poor performance, the HR Employment section should be notified by the supervisor and HR Employment will note that the employee is not eligible for re-hire.
  • Once the employee has been terminated, the department will need to end the employee’s hourly assignment in Workday. 

Absence From Work

There are times when the employee may be scheduled to work but is unable to work due to illness or other acceptable reasons. In this case, they should let their supervisor(s) know as soon as possible that they will not be in, giving the reason for their absence and anticipated return date.

Breaks and Meals

Employees are entitled to a 15-minute break for every continuous 4-hour working period. Break times and lunch periods will be scheduled by the supervisor and may be subject to change based on departmental needs.


  • Employees are required to enter hours worked each day in Workday. 
  • Total hours worked cannot exceed 40 hours per week unless the employee has received prior approval from his or her supervisor.
  • Approved overtime hours are paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate and calculated only on hours actually worked above 40 hours per week.
  • Time must be submitted by the employee by Tuesday at midnight, following the end of each biweekly pay period.
  • Supervisors must approve submitted time by Wednesday at midnight, following the end of each biweekly pay period.
  • A new employee’s eTimesheet will not be available until the employee’s position assignment has been submitted, approved and processed by the HR Employment Office. Please refer to Payment Schedules, for due dates for position assignments. If the position assignment has been processed and an etimesheet is not available by the end of the employee’s first pay period, please contact Wanda Taylor in the Payroll Office at wanda.taylor@austincc.edu or 512-223-1321.

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