Supervisor Certificate Program Questions and Answers

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I am a new supervisor. Can I apply?

Unfortunately, no. This program is structured to allow employees with limited or no supervisory experience a chance to earn a year’s supervisory experience and be able to compete for supervisor positions in the future.

Will I be promoted into a supervisor’s position once I finish the certificate program?

Completion of this program does not guarantee a promotion to a supervisor position. This program allows you to earn one year supervisory experience. This will enable you to apply for supervisory positions after completing the program. 

Will this certificate be recognized outside of ACC?

The Supervisor Certificate Program is an internal program that will be recognized here at ACC for ACC positions. The professional development topics consist of transferable knowledge for a position anywhere.

Why do I need to have a degree when I’ve been here at ACC for __ years?

Many of the supervisor positions at ACC require a degree in order to apply. You should have already completed the degree for the position you are planning to pursue.

Do I get to pick the supervisor I shadow? Can I shadow my own supervisor?

We have a list of supervisors who have graciously volunteered to be shadowed for this project. You will have plenty of supervisors to choose from. We would like for you to experience several management styles, so, it is recommended that you not shadow your immediate supervisor. However, we gladly accept any suggestions that you may have. Administrators, Department Chairs and Police are excluded from the shadowing experience. 

Can I shadow the College chancellor?

Unfortunately, due to a very hectic schedule, the College chancellor is not on our list of supervisors to shadow.

What do you mean by limited supervisory experience?

Limited supervisory experience means anyone that has some supervisory experience but less than the year required for most ACC supervisor positions.

What if I can’t make 80 percent of the sessions?

If you find that you won’t be able to complete 80% of the sessions, then you will have to drop out of the program and reapply another time. It is important that you be present to attend the sessions along with the other participants to maximize the learning experience.

If I am a part-time staffing table employee, can I apply? An hourly employee?

The program is open to Part-Time Staffing Table employees if your supervisor is open to allowing you the time and budget to participate. Hourly employees are not able to apply.

What type of topics will we cover in this program?

We will cover Effective Communication, Team Building, Leadership styles, and many more. As the participants are chosen a complete list will be posted on the website.

Will we only have ACC staff as the topic experts or will there be outside speakers?

The Office of Human Resources has done an excellent job of sourcing many experts on the various topics for this program. Some of them will be internal, others will be external.

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