Tuition Reimbursement Questions & Answers

Is there a minimum or maximum of classes I need to take for reimbursement?

No, but keep in mind that the program reimburses 75% of your tuition and fees up to $3000 dollars per fiscal year and has a lifetime cap of $8,000.

Can I use reimbursement funding if I am a non-degree seeking student?

No, funding can only be used in the pursuit of degree.

Can I attend a public/private university or college?

Yes, as long as it is accredited.

Am I obligated to continue working at ACC if I receive tuition reimbursement?

No, but our hope that you would use your new skills to further your career here at ACC.

What type of degree qualifies for this program? 

Any bachelor’s (or higher) level courses are eligible for the program.  

What does “accredited” mean?

The college or university must be accredited by one of the agencies below or by a governing body. Most schools will have this information listed on their website. The regional accrediting agencies are:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Northwest Accreditation Commission
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Can I still use my vouchers?

Yes, vouchers can still be used for classes at ACC.

Can I flex my schedule to take classes?

Classes are to be taken outside of work hours. However, in some limited instances, you and your supervisor can discuss a flexible work schedule for the semester that will allow you to take classes. 

Do I need an ‘official’ copy of my transcript?

No, unofficial transcripts or grade reports will suffice.

What if I don’t “pass” or make a “C or better” in my class?

You will not receive reimbursement for those classes.

How is longevity calculated for adjunct faculty?

Faculty members are awarded .5 credits of longevity for each semester they teach (e.g., adjunct faculty teaches Fall & Spring in an academic year receives 1 year of longevity).

What if my courses do not follow the traditional semester timeline?

If your courses follow a different timeline, like quarters, then please complete the Tuition Reimbursement form and provide your supporting documentation stating your unique situation by the deadline. We with work you throughout your educational journey to ensure (if you are selected) you receive your funding at the appropriate intervals.

But I finished my degree recently (within the last year) and just found out about this program. Do I have any options for reimbursement?

Congratulations graduate! Instead of reimbursement funding, you could apply for the Educational Recognition Award if you meet the criteria. For more information, view the Administrative Rule for Education Incentive Awards.

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