Tuition Vouchers: Questions & Answers

Can I use my voucher to partially pay for my class?

A voucher cannot be used for partial payment toward any class.

Can I use my voucher for wellness classes?

Not any longer. ACC has launched a wellness program called ACCESS WELLNESS. Find more information about the wellness program.

Can I use vouchers to get my Associates degree?

Absolutely. You can certainly use your vouchers but a better alternative might be to move over to the Tuition Waiver Program and have the ability to access more tuition vouchers.

Do hourly employees have vouchers?

No, Tuition vouchers are only for Staffing Table employees, Full-Time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.

How many vouchers am I eligible to receive?

Full-time staffing table employees and Adjunct Faculty are eligible for three vouchers after 6 months of employment. Part-time staffing table employees are eligible for two vouchers after 6 months of employment. 

Can I use a voucher for a family member?

Vouchers may not be used by anyone other than the employee.

Can I use the vouchers for classes taking during my work hours?

Courses must be attended outside normal working hours, unless approved by the supervisor. When approved by the supervisor, the employee must be required to make up the hours missed or charge paid time against approved leave. In the event a course is required by the supervisor or is directly job-related, the hours missed do not have to be made up or charged against leave.

When am I eligible to use the vouchers?

New employees must be employed 180 days before they are eligible to receive vouchers.

Can I use multiple vouchers in one semester?

Employees can use as many allotted vouchers (based on their classification status) in one semester in accordance with their work hours.

How do I submit my vouchers to pay for my courses?

Access the online tuition voucher system here. Vouchers must be submitted according to the deadlines listed at Deadlines for Employees or you will be dropped from the course. If a course is cancelled, you must contact Student Accounting at 512-223-1093 for a replacement voucher. If you drop a course on or before the first day of class you must contact Student Accounting at 512-223-1093 for a replacement voucher.

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