Program Review

Austin Community College’s Program Review process for instructional programs provides a framework to guide the reflective evaluation of the content, quality, and effectiveness. The Program Review Working Group develops Program Review standards and conducts evaluations of the reviews. The faculty-led process is overseen and facilitated by the Institutional Planning & Accreditation office.

Guiding Principles

The Program Review process is based on these guiding principles:

  • Faculty has primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the program.
  • The information from the review should be used to guide program planning.
  • The review process should not be overly burdensome to faculty.


The purpose of the Program Review process at ACC is to:

  • Conduct an authentic and critically reflective assessment of every certificate and degree program that the College offers, including a review of student learning outcomes and the program’s contribution to the College’s mission.
  • Create a three‐year plan that facilitates continuous improvement of each program and that is incorporated into the College’s larger Institutional Planning process.
  • Ensure that external accreditation requirements are met.

Program Review Rubric

Program Review Rubric – 2022-2023

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