Post-Grant Award Steps


The Grant Development & Compliance Department will be notified once the funding source approves a grant application. You will be notified and all contracts will be managed by the Grant Development Department for final signatures. The contract originals will be distributed to the funding source and ACC, and copies will be provided to all participants and support services. 

Getting Started

The project team will meet with the Grants Compliance Officer, Resource Development Officer, representatives from the Record to Report (R2R) department, and others as appropriate to discuss the grant objectives, specified activities (referred to as the deliverables), the timeline, and any compliance requirements.


The project team is responsible for completing the specific work approved in the grant. The goal is to do the activities as written in the application. In some cases, changes are necessary and will require an amendment to the contract. Amendments are managed by the Grant Development & Compliance Department.

Any questions about implementation issues should be discussed with ACC’s Grants Compliance Officer to identify possible solutions.


Most funding sources require periodic reports about the results of the grant deliverables. They may be monthly, quarterly, or annually, and usually require a final report. The Record to Report (R2R) department will manage the financial reports to the funding source and keep you informed. The Grants Compliance Officer is available to assist with completing project reports.

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