Fifth-Year Interim Report

While the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) conducts an intensive review of its member institutions every 10 years, the U.S. Department of Education requires accrediting agencies to monitor institutions more often to ensure that those eligible for federal funds continue to meet accreditation standards. To that end, the Commission has developed a Fifth-Year Interim Report. 

The Fifth-Year Interim Report is an abbreviated compliance report that addresses select standards, issues from the last visiting committee review, and the QEP impact. The Report includes five components:

  1. Signature Attesting to Integrity
  2. Institutional Summary Form
  3. Fifth-Year Compliance Certification
  4. Fifth-Year Follow Up Report (as requested by Board of Trustees)
  5. QEP Impact Report

An off-site review committee then visits previously unvisited off-campus instructional sites initiated since the last reaffirmation that offer 50 percent or more of a program. The areas of evaluation as applicable to the off‐campus instructional site(s) include: (1) faculty qualifications and access; (2) qualifications of administrative and academic officials leading activities and programs at the site(s); (3) student services; (4) library/learning resources accessibility and sufficiency; (5) physical facilities supporting the programs; and (6) student learning outcomes compared to similar programs offered on the main campus.

Locations Approved at 50 percent-Plus Since 2013 Reaffirmation

Recent Interim Reports and Reaffirmations

Fifth-Year Interim Report Working Teams

To facilitate the completion of the Fifth-Year Interim Report, the Principles of Accreditation to be addressed are separated into related sections and tasked to a staff working team. Working Teams interpret SACSCOC criteria, define adequacy as appropriate to our institution, and identify potential compliance and/or documentation issues and needs for resolution. Each Working Team is assigned a Working Team Lead to head the writing of the response to the Principles.

Fifth-Year Interim Report Working Teams (2018)

Timeline for Fifth-Year Interim Report

ACC’s last Fifth-Year Interim Report was submitted on September 14, 2018, and was reviewed by a SACSCOC Committee in December 2018.

Timeline for Fifth-Year Interim Report (2018)

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