Institutional Planning – Process and Resources

ACC has one distinct five-year cycle of planning, which includes annual unit-level planning. The cycle falls under the umbrella of ACC’s Mission, Vision, and Goals, and supports the College’s Strategic Plan. 

Strategic Plan

The College’s Strategic Plan consists of a vision statement, mission statement, and goals. A strategic plan establishes the overall direction for the College and serves as the foundation for annual goal planning and budgeting at all levels of the College.

Institutional Planning

Each year, the College’s educational, administrative, and educational support leaders engage in the institutional (annual, operational) planning process. They report progress toward achieving the planning goals, objectives, and actions set forth the previous year, and to propose unit objectives and actions for the coming year.

Budgeting Process

The budgeting process is closely tied to college goals. All units prepare budget requests aligned with college-wide strategic goals and unit goals set for the upcoming year. The Chancellor’s Cabinet reviews anticipated ACC funding and establishes budget priorities. For additional information regarding the budgeting process, see the Budget Management Resources.


Institutional Planning Resources

The following resources can assist with the Institutional Planning process:

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