Core Curriculum Change Request

To request the addition of a new course to the Core Curriculum, please complete the Core Curriculum Change Request Form and Core Curriculum Assessment forms. The request form needs to be completed only once for each course, but assessment forms should be completed for each general education competency taught in that course. In addition, please provide a master syllabus for every course to be added to the Core Curriculum.

The Core Curriculum Resources webpage has links to information and background about the Core Curriculum and general education. The page includes a link to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Core Curriculum Portal, which details the Core Curriculum at every Texas college and university.

Download the Core Curriculum Change Request Form
The Request Form only needs to be completed once for each course.  

Download the Core Curriculum Assessment Form
The Assessment Form needs to be completed for each gen ed competency taught in that course. See a chart matching general education competencies with individual component areas of the Core Curriculum.

Download the Gen Ed Competencies by Area
This chart shows which gen ed competencies are to be addressed by courses in each Component Area of the Core Curriculum. When proposing a new course for the Core, please complete an Assessment Form for each competency in that Component Area.

If you want to request an addition to the Core Curriculum, please notify Ron Johns at and email the completed forms to him.

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