Grant Goals & Objectives

Developing Goals, Objectives, Activities, and Timelines


Each project will often have only one overarching goal — a final, anticipated outcome or result. Goals tend to be broad and conceptual in nature; therefore, strive to develop one major goal for your project. It is often helpful to structure your goal as an outcome – driven mission statement.


Objectives are outcomes that are tangible, measurable, and achievable within a specific time period. Objectives should work toward achieving the project goal. Consider how your objectives will be evaluated while developing them. Remember to include both qualitative (numbers, facts, etc.) and quantitative (surveys, questionnaires, etc.) measurements.


After developing your objectives, begin developing your activities. Your project’s activities will enable you to achieve each specific objective. Since your activities will directly affect whether or not you reach your objectives, remember to build – in an evaluation process for each one.


To create a successful timeline, keep in mind the project’s funding period, reporting dates, and the fiscal and academic calendar. Think about how these factors will affect the scope or duration of your goals, objectives, and activities.

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