DAC Documents & Resources

The following documents and resources support the Discipline Assessment Cycle process.

With an emphasis on planning and assessment, the college terms glossary provides definitions for terms and acronyms as used and related to ACC: 

College Terms Glossary

As part of the DAC cycle, every program student learning outcome (PSLO) should be assessed within a three-year window. The DAC PSLO Schedule Form should be completed and uploaded into the Documents Depository in the TracDat system. This is not a binding document; it is intended only as a guide for assessment planning and can be revised at any time:

DAC PSLO Schedule Form

Especially for larger departments, it can be hard to track which faculty have sent in their assessment results and which haven’t. Communications Studies has developed a handy template that is shared here for you to use as you see fit:

Assessment Results Tracking Document

Its use is not required, but it can be helpful. There are also tools built into TracDat that can be activated. If your department is interested in exploring the use of these software tools further, please contact Ron Johns at rjohns@austincc.edu.

See more DAC-related resources on the Discipline Assessment Cycle page.

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