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Please review OCRM’s available services:

Marketing Support

  • Strategic Consulting | Our marketing team works with college departments and programs to plan and execute strategic communications and marketing plans that include reputation and brand management, key message development, digital marketing and social media approaches, multimedia engagement, and web and digital strategy.
  • Visual Design & Branding| We manage the design and production of official college publications, advertising, billboards, promotional pieces, and a variety of departmental marketing needs. We assist clients in developing strong and effective materials that maintain the college’s branding and graphic identity.
  • Digital Marketing | We can help you develop a clear, effective and engaging strategy for using email marketing, social media, digital advertising and other emerging communication technologies.
  • Marketing Writing & Editing | Our writers and editors craft copy in the most effective style and voice for multiple platforms and audiences.
  • Merchandise Review | Our office oversees the use ACC’s trademarks and manages the review process that departments and programs follow when purchasing merchandise such as lapel pins, cups, mugs, hats, apparel, bags, umbrellas, coasters, photo frames, and many other items. Each of these items is an extension of the brand and must go through the review and approval process. See instructions.

Communications Support

  • Media Outreach | Our team will connect with media to share information about your event. This is most appropriate for mass awareness and inviting the community at-large to learn more about what’s happening. Please note, we’ll work closely with you on this opportunity to develop the pitch and will need to be able to accommodate any requests for interviews within the same business day. 
  • Internal Promotion: News | Our team will send mass communication to the ACC community through the development and publication of a news-style article in the ACC Newsroom. We cannot send mass “All ACC” emails. You will need to work with your AVC or VC to request such an opportunity. 
  • Internal Promotion: Students | This includes an opportunity to directly communicate to students at large via news banners and stories that are promoted directly onto the main Student web page. If you’d like to communicate more directly with students, please connect with the Student Affairs team under Ana Rummer.
  • Internal Promotion: Employees | This includes promotion on the official FacStaff Info Hub. It may also include promotion in an upcoming FacStaff Digest and on the official FacStaff Facebook & Twitter pages. If you’d like to communicate more directly with faculty, please connect with the TLED communications team under Dr. Rachel Barrera. 
  • Internal Promotion: ACC Calendars | This is an option to have your event featured on the ACC calendar of events. 
  • External Promotion: Social Media | This includes curated content and promotion across the District’s official social media channels which include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. It may include an opportunity for a student or faculty/staff takeover in which we have someone associated with the event share their journey for a take-over day on one of our district social media channels
  • External Promotion: Community Outreach | This includes an opportunity to receive support and guidance in submitting your event for mass community outreach. Some options include posting to various community calendars, promotion with neighborhood associations and other community-based organizations 
  • R.B. Appearance | This includes an opportunity to have our mascot, R.B. attend your event. R.B.’s availability is limited and booked out in advance. Please let us know immediately if this is of interest.

Web Support

  • Website consulting and construction
  • Edits to existing websites
  • Special web-based projects
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Creation of “Vanity” URLs
  • Website CMS training sessions

Videography/Photography Support

  • Campus Promotion: Digital Signage | This is an option for consideration if graphics are available and depending upon the activity and opportunity for others to learn more and/or get involved.
  • Photography | This includes coordination with the ACC Marketing photographer and/or connection with ACC student photographers who we have worked with and brought into ACC’s vendor system. Depending upon the type of photography needs you have, we can determine the best option for you here.

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