Digital Signage

ACC shares information on flat-screen TVs at college campuses. The Office of College Relations and Marketing and ACCTV maintains the content of these digital signage TVs and approves what is displayed.

Advertise Your Campus Event or Activity

College departments can request to add a slide about an event, activity, or student service to the digital signage playlist. Currently, we do NOT advertise, promote, or post outside events or non-ACC-related content. This helps streamline signage messages with essential communications and information that is helpful for students, faculty, and staff.

What You Need to Do

Read these digital signage guidelines

  • The slide’s duration in the playlist will be 10 seconds.
  • All slides must be associated with college operations, academic areas, or student services.
  • Slides can appear in playlists for up to 3 weeks per semester and up to 2 weeks in advance of an event.

Create your slideshow image

Image requirements:

  • JPG image format (we can also accept PNGs)
  • Dimensions: 1920px x 1080px
  • Image size under 300 KBs.
  • Landscape-oriented.

Design Guidelines:

  • Design an image to be read from 10 feet away. Large fonts are best.
  • Be concise: Slides should have up to three lines of text, each with five words or less, or five lines of text with three words or less.
  • Use sans-serif fonts. Verdana, Helvetica, and Arial are good choices.
  • Use no more than two fonts. Avoid italicizing.
  • Text color should be in good contrast with the background.
  • Include a “call to action” on slides about events, such as date, place, contact email and/or a short URL for more information. QR codes are also popular.

Contact OCRM if you would like to view sample slides for inspiration.

Submit your slideshow image

Submit slides at least 10 days before the desired playlist start time. Slides will display for up to 3 weeks, or until the advertised event is complete, whichever comes first.

These playlist images must be submitted to OCRM for approval via the digital signage contact, Chuck Cruse ( If OCRM doesn’t approve the image, OCRM will let you know how to adjust the image per its guidelines so that slide can be easily read and is cohesive with the other images in the playlist.

If you do not follow the above guidelines, your digital slideshow request may be denied.

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