Cross-College Communications Team

The CCCT is composed of experts and stakeholders from across the college to help guide collegewide communications strategies. We work to improve the flow of information to employees, students, and our community.

  • Brette Lea, Vice Chancellor, College Relations & Marketing
  • Neil Vickers, Executive Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration
  • Jessica Vess, Associate Vice Chancellor, College Relations & Marketing
  • Edward Terry, Director, College Web
  • Ana Rummer, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Operations
  • Chris Cervini, Associate Vice Chancellor, Community and Public Affairs
  • Nick Caspers, Coordinator, Emergency Management
  • Shari Rodriquez, Director, Business Processes and Initiatives, Finance & Administration
  • Vicky Garza Gonzalez, Internal Communications Coordinator, Communications & Marketing
  • Rachel McElroy, Manager, Grant Development & Compliance
  • Melissa Griffith, Video Producer, Teaching & Learning Excellence — Classified Employee Association
  • Dr. Ping Chu, Psychology/Sociology professor — Adjunct Faculty Association
  • Julz Decker, Government professor — Full-time Faculty Association
  • Corin Caridine, Instructional Web Projects, Teaching & Learning Excellence

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