Media & Communications

Effective communication involves more than disseminating information. The Media & Communications team develops thoughtful, strategic, and cohesive messaging to drive collegewide initiatives, build trust, and grow strong partnerships. We manage mass communications as well as public and media relations to ensure an informed community through accurate, clear, and consistent communication.

Our Services

Strategic Communications

Develop strategies, tactics, and calendars to build awareness and appreciation for ACC’s people and programs.

Media Relations

Advise and create news releases, advisories, pitches, and other materials for news media. Serve as liaison between college representatives and members of media. Learn more about media relations.

Film Requests

Review and approve content for commercial, non-news photography, or videotaping. Learn more about film requests.

Writing & Editing

Write, edit, and guide the development of content in various formats to support strategic and integrated communications objectives across the college.

Speakers/Experts Bureau

Connect ACC faculty and staff with external audiences to share innovations and expertise with the world. Learn more about ACC’s Speakers Bureau.

Photography & Videography

Capture, edit, and present ACC people, places, and events that closely align with ACC’s strategic goals and mission. Develop and produce videos to support collegewide communication objectives.
Learn more about photography and videography at ACC.

Social Media

Maintain strategic direction and execution of all ACC District social media accounts and serve as resource for college, office, and departmental presences. Learn more about social media at ACC.

Open Records Requests

Review, respond, and process public information requests under Texas Government Code, Chapter 552. Learn more about open records requests.

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