Conference & Event Equipment

Campus managers have a trifold table top display, table drape, and banner that may be borrowed for events. The Office of College Relations & Marketing (OCRM) has a large display unit (floor to ceiling) and a trifold table top display that also can be borrowed. Note, it is the client’s responsibility to provide graphics and other elements for display.

A Conference/Special Event Check List

Table displays Each campus manager has an official ACC tabletop display and table drape for special events and recruitment fairs. OCRM has a vinyl banner and a tabletop and a large, convention center-size display if the campus supplies are unavailable. Please contact your campus manager or OCRM Event Manager Dahlia Anzaldua-Torres at least a week in advance of your event.
Graphics Graphics should grab attention without taking up too much of a visitor’s time. If your graphics include text, use large letters, and keep the message clear and concise. In the few seconds it takes a visitor to walk past your booth, let them know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.
Be visible, friendly, and assertive Don’t sit. Show your enthusiasm—it’s contagious. If no one is stopping by, walk around the event, encourage others to come to your booth. Make sure there is a reason they would want to stop by. Demonstrations, if possible, are always good for booth traffic. Think about benefits to the visitor: This is about providing information they want, not about what you want to tell them. If you don’t know the answer to a question, write it down, get their contact information, and tell them you will find the answer and get back with them within the next two days. Then make sure you do it!
Promotional products Think about something useful, small, and unique. If you’re giving away higher-end promotional products, tuck them away to give to those who show genuine interest. Leaving a basket promotional products in front of your booth might generate traffic, but most of the people will be there only for the gift. Order promotional products (key chains, pencils, pens, golf balls, mouse pads) from General Stores. (click on View Form to see the list of available items.) OCRM does not stock these items. Contact our office for assistance in ordering items not stocked in General Stores.
Business cards Always keep these handy. If you’re relying on them for leads, keep in mind that other booths are handing them out, too. Think of ways to stand out. Order ACC business cards from Purchasing. You may also order blank cards for personalizing notes and phone numbers.
Brochures and other literature Most literature handed out at trade shows ends up on the floor or in the garbage. If you plan to hand out literature to every person who passes by, use simpler, less expensive fliers or brochures. Use literature printed on nicer paper for genuinely interested visitors who have questions. Order ACC brochures and other publications from OCRM. Please do not throw away leftovers. You may send them back to us. Somebody else may need them.
Lead card These are the best means of collecting information about potential students or clients. Although these cards are primarily to establish contact, keep in mind that visitors want to know you’re genuinely interested in addressing their needs. Find out what they’re looking for, then ask for their mailing or contact information. Be sure to contact them within a few days after the event. Even the best impressions will only last so long without follow-up. After all, this is why you’re there, right?

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