How to Order ACC Branded Merchandise

FY23 Procure to Pay requisition cutoff date

In order to meet the FY23 Procure to Pay requisition cutoff date of July 19th, 2024 please make note of the following final review deadlines for ACC-branded merchandise.
You must receive design approval from the Office of College Relations and Marketing (OCRM) and upload this approval with your requisition to P2P. 

You or your vendor must submit merchandise mockups (proofs) no later than 5 p.m. on the following dates:

  • July 5 – For new items requiring specialized design, customized graphics or non-standard logos
  • July 12 – For items that include an official, approved ACC District or department logo 

Vendors should email proofs to to ensure timely routing for approval.

Requests received after these deadlines will be held for the FY24 fiscal year and reviewed starting September 1. 

ACC divisions, departments, offices, and programs that wish to order T-shirts, giveaway items, etc., must use approved logos and make their purchase through a licensed vendor. Allow at least 8 weeks for production and delivery of merchandise.


Follow these steps to custom-order merchandise for your ACC division, department, office, or program. You’ll need to work with your administrative assistant to complete purchasing requirements.

  1. Select items and obtain budget approval
  • Select an item from an ACC-approved/licensed vendor listed below.
  • Contact the vendor to obtain a price quote on the item, including proposed costs for setup and shipping.
  • Request your cost center manager’s (formerly budget authority) approval for the quote.
  1. Create a requisition and submit a Merchandise/Trademark Approval Request
  • Create a requisition (REQ) and upload your quote in Workday. Make note of the REQ number, but DO NOT SUBMIT the REQ at this time. (In the requisition checkout window, select “Save for Later”)
  • Submit your Trademark Use Authorization Request. You’ll need the vendor name, item name and description, and REQ number for the request.
  • The college requires use of an official ACC logo on all merchandise. Select ACC logo only, your ACC department/program/area of study, ACC office logo, or an official logo with text added.
  • Follow up with the vendor to confirm they have the needed logo/artwork! If they don’t have it, direct them to request it at
    Custom setup will be needed for retractable banners, table drapes and runners. Your vendor will need to send print specifications and a template to to get this artwork.
  1. Review vendor proofs and obtain OCRM approval
  • The vendor will email merchandise proofs for your and OCRM’s review/approval. You will be included on all communications.
  • It is your responsibility to inspect the proofs and verify this is the item you ordered.
  • OCRM will reply to the vendor’s email with revisions (if required) and/or with a final approval. This email confirmation will serve as the required supplemental documentation to attach to your REQ.
  • Once you have OCRM’s approval of the proofs, you are ready to submit your PR.
  1. Submit Requisition & Purchase Order confirmation
  • Submit your REQ, and work with Procure to Pay (P2P) to issue a purchase order (PO).
  • The vendor will not begin production until they receive your PO.
  • Continue working directly with the vendor to complete your order:
    • Make sure your vendor receives the PO and gets your order scheduled for delivery.
    • Notify the ACC mailroom about the delivery date so the order can be confirmed as received and the vendor will be paid.
    • You can check on your PO and payment status in Workday.


Unapproved Vendors: If you wish to order merchandise from an unapproved/unlicensed vendor, they must first complete the vendor licensing process before they can legally use ACC’s trademarked identities. For information on becoming a licensed vendor, contact CLC/ Learfield Licensing Partners.

Approved Vendors: Use these vendors to select your merchandise. To start the approval process, you’ll need to obtain a price quote directly from them.

Vendor Name Contact Information
AHI/Nolan’s Theresa Espinoza
210- 653-7770
Aztec 512-744-0195
SpeedPro (Banners, table drapes, and signs) Randy Imhoff
512- 444-4421
SRI Monogram Nicki Johnston
The Urban Circle J Brown Henderson

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