Procure to Pay (P2P) & Materials Management (MM)

The Procure to Pay (P2P) & Materials Management (MM) Department plays a pivotal role in streamlining purchasing, accounts payable, and material management processes to enhance operational efficiency and support ACC’s mission of fostering equitable student and employee success.

What Does P2P Do?

Our key responsibilities encompass the entire procurement process, from receipt of goods and services initiation to payment. Here’s how we contribute to ACC’s success:

  • Procurement Management: We oversee the procurement of goods and services essential to ACC’s operations, ensuring the College receives goods and services via timely acquisition while adhering to budgetary constraints and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance Enforcement: We enforce compliance with ACC’s statutes, administrative rules, procurement policies, and procedures, as well as relevant laws and regulations, to maintain the integrity and transparency of the procurement process. P2P also maintains ethical behavior in all its activities.
  • Receipt and Accounting: Upon receipt of goods and services, we meticulously account for purchases, verifying quality and quantity to facilitate accurate financial reporting, inventory management, and delivery to ACC departments
  • Invoice Processing: We manage the invoicing and payment process, ensuring invoices are processed promptly and accurately to maintain positive vendor relationships and avoid disruptions to ACC’s operations.

How Does P2P Make a Difference?

Timely procurement, delivery, and receipt of goods and services combined with timely payment processing ensures that ACC’s operational needs are met efficiently. This enables the institution to focus on its core mission of providing high-quality education and support services. Through collaboration and communication, we strive to optimize business practices and enhance the overall efficiency of ACC’s operations.

What Does MM Do?

Material Management plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and equipment purchased for ACC. Our key responsibilities encompass:

  • Warehouse Operations: We oversee the management of ACC’s central warehouse, where we store, organize, and distribute a wide range of materials, supplies, and equipment to support various departments and functions across the college.
  • Receiving and Tagging: We are responsible for receiving shipments of goods and equipment, accurately documenting deliveries, and tagging items for identification and tracking purposes.
  • Distribution: We facilitate the distribution of materials and equipment to designated locations within ACC, ensuring timely delivery to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Mailroom Services: In addition to warehouse operations, we manage ACC’s mailroom services, handling incoming and outgoing mail and packages to support communication and administrative functions.
  • Recycling: Goods that have no resale value but contain or are composed of materials that can be repurposed are sorted and sent to recycling by MM. 

How Does MM Make a Difference?

Material Management collaborates closely with departments across ACC to understand their needs and ensure the seamless flow of materials and equipment. Timely access to materials and equipment enables faculty and staff to perform their roles effectively, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience for students.

Procurement Management Process

Procurement management process comprised of five key stages: 

  1. Requisitioning goods and services
  2. Generating purchase orders (POs)
  3. Monitoring compliance
  4. Receiving goods and services
  5. Processing invoices and payments

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year is September 1 – August 31.

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