The Record to Report (R2R) department provides post-award grant accounting and compliance services tailored to the unique needs of Austin Community College District’s (ACC) stakeholders. We ensure that all awards comply with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, circulars, and ACC internal controls. This includes expenditure tracking and reporting to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and donor stipulations. R2R enables the community college to maintain funding eligibility, demonstrate accountability, and focus on fulfilling its educational mission effectively. By leveraging these services, ACC can efficiently manage grant funds while meeting the highest standards of financial transparency and compliance.

Additional Services

  • Grant compliance
  • Grant training and development
  • Requisition review and approvals
  • Travel and expense report approvals
  • Financial reporting for Principal Investigators (PIs) and Cost Center Managers (CCMs)
  • Award billing, collection & final closeouts
  • Audit response and support

Grant Accounting Manual is in the process of being updated.

Federal Guidance & References

Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) | Super Circular (replacing OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, A-87, A-133)

EDGAR (Education Department General Administrative Regulations)

Other Useful Links

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National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Policies

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