Grant Award (Gift Account) Setup

See the following information about setting up federal, state, local, private and gift accounts.

ACC must receive Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) documentation first. The NOGA documents will determine the nature of the project, implementation details, and fiscal requirements or constraints.

The Notice of Grant Award is a legal document given to the intended organization that indicates an award has been made and that funds may be requested from the designated HHS payment system or office. This document specifies the amount of federal funds authorized for obligation and the budget period for the approved project.

The NOGA sets forth pertinent information about the grant, including, but not limited to:

  • Grant identification number (“grant number”)
  • Statutory authority for the award and any applicable program regulations
  • Name of recipient organization and name of the PI/PD
  • Approved project period and budget period start and end dates
  • Amount of Federal funds authorized for obligation by the recipient
  • Amount of matching or cost sharing (if applicable)
  • Amount of anticipated future-year commitments (if applicable)
  • Names of the cognizant OPDIV/awarding office, PO, GMO, and GMS
  • Applicable terms and conditions of award, either by reference or inclusion
  • The HHS-assigned EIN (based on the IRS EIN), which must be used to request payment

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