Records Management Questions & Answers

What is a record?

College records are any document, paper, letter, book, map, photograph, sound or video recording, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic medium, regardless of physical form or characteristic, created or received by the college, any of its officers, or employees in the transaction of business.

What is my responsibility regarding records?

Review the responsibilities of a Record Custodian. Contact the Records Management staff with questions about maintaining records.

How long do I need to save duplicate copies or convenience copies?

Generally, duplicate copies should be kept only as long as they have administrative value. Review the definition of administrative value in the Records Management Glossary.

Don’t forget to check your PC—all duplicate copies on floppy disk or hard disk must be erased. If the duplicate is not destroyed at the time the official record is destroyed, the duplicate becomes the official record.  The result—the official record has not been destroyed and the college is not in compliance with the Schedule or the Local Government Code.

How do I know whether a record can be destroyed?

Consult the Records Retention Schedule.  If you have questions, or are not sure whether the information you have may be destroyed, please contact Records and Information Management for assistance.

How do I pack and transfer records for storage?

Review Inactive Records Storage for details about packing your records and transferring them to the Records Center.

How do I retrieve records from the Records Center?

A department may retrieve its records from the Records Center by completing the on-line form, Requesting Records from the Records Center. See more on the Retrieving Records page.

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