Records Custodian

The director of institutional records, by order of the Board of Trustees, is the designated records management officer for the college. In compliance with this order and the Local Government Records Act, the records management officer will establish standards and procedures for the proper care and secure storage of college records.

Responsibilities of the Records Custodian

College department managers are responsible for the proper and legal management of the records in their custody. To fulfill this responsibility, each college department manager will serve as the records custodian for his/her respective area and shall have primary responsibility and accountability for the following:

  • Cooperate with Records Management staff in carrying out the rules and procedures of the records management program established by the college.
  • Create, maintain, and protect the records necessary to document his/her department’s official activities ensuring that records are complete and accessible for the retention periods outlined in the college records retention schedule.
  • Develop written departmental procedures for file organization to ensure an effective maintenance and retrieval process for records.
  • Establish and document effective measures for protecting essential and confidential information from erasure and/or disclosure.
  • Develop documentation for department specific systems such as databases or spreadsheets to ensure continuity of departmental and college operations.
  • Assist the records management officer in developing and maintaining the college records retention schedule.

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