Document Imaging

Box for ACC

ACC uses Box for ACC to capture, share, and govern electronic records. You can access Box by logging in to college online applications for administrative tasks, such as e-time and ACCmail. Supervisors can add access to Box for a staff member by submitting a Technical Service Request.

Advantages of a document imaging system:

  • Immediate access by authorized users
  • Reduced need for expensive record storage space.
  • Reduced staff time in retrieving and re-filing records.
  • Ability to enhance the quality of the image.
  • Enhanced vital records protection and disaster recovery activities.

Refer to Box training resources below. Note: You must be on an ACC computer or on the ACC network to access. If you are not on the ACC network, you will need your email password to access.

Be sure to follow your department’s established procedures before sharing content or uploading materials.

How to Use Box for ACC

Video Tutorial

This in-depth video covers essential functions and tools, including navigating the Box interface and uploading supported file types.

Box for ACC video tutorial

Researching Records Using Box

View these instructions about locating records in Box for ACC:

Researching Records in Box for ACC

There are two ways to search for documents in Box:

  • Quick Search is similar to Google search. Enter a key word in the search bar and Box will return the closest matches in the documents’ name or metadata.
  • Metadata Search is similar to queries in Fortis. You can search on multiple, specific metadata (index) values and it returns a narrow list of results.


ImageTrust is an integrated document imaging program. View the following to learn how to add ImageTrust to your Box interface, optimize scanned documents, and customize scanned ACC records.

BOX + ImageTrust Scanning Quickstart guide

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