Creating and Using College Forms

Records and Information Management handles printed college forms in compliance with ACC administrative rules and procedures. This includes:

  • Creating and revising forms
  • Providing a centralized inventory of college forms
  • Developing standards for creating and designing new forms
  • Promoting consistency of forms used across the college


  • Consult with users on the content and production of forms
  • Assess forms for compliance with college requirements, content, and feasibility
  • Design and/or revise print forms
  • Produce camera-ready versions of forms to conveniently photocopy

Go to ACC’s Forms Inventory to find current versions of college forms.

What is an official college form?

College forms are:

  • forms used by more than one office/department/campus
  • forms that contain a distribution list
  • forms completed by faculty, staff, students or members of the general public

Non-college forms are:

  • forms used internally by a single office/department/campus that remain in that office/department/campus
  • forms created and used by employee and student organizations
  • forms from external agencies

Electronic forms are on-screen documents used to collect information.

  • Level 1 – forms that are filled in and printed
  • Level 2 – forms that collect data and generate a report. (Example: surveys, Budget Transfer)
  • Level 3 – forms that gather information that must be verified and uploaded (example: HR Address Change; HR Personnel Authorization)
  • Level 4 – forms that are part of a system (Example: eStaffing, eTime, Budget Development system)

Forms-related Administrative Rules and Procedures

Review the following college policies about managing and creating forms.

Tips and Considerations for ACC Forms

  • Confirm you are using the most current version of a form by checking the ACC Forms Inventory. Policies change and forms are updated frequently. Out-of-date forms may not be processed.
  • Your web browser may save a copy of forms you frequently download. Be sure to refresh any previously viewed forms to ensure you are using the current version.

Forms Design Best Practices

  • When designing or redesigning an ACC form, leave enough room for the required ACC District logo and header information, as well as the necessary footer, which includes the form # and record series. Review the administrative rules and guidelines above.
  • Before requesting a new form or form update, check with your supervisor and/or Records and Information Management to confirm that you are authorized to request those changes, and the changes conform to ACC regulations and policies.
  • Solicit input from others about changing a form before starting the revision process. Even minor revisions can require extensive reprogramming of electronic forms for accessibility, and each new revision can cause substantial delays.
  • Remember, ACC provides numerous forms to staff and students for programs outside of ACC, such as retirement investment agreements or statewide scholarship applications. These forms are not the property of ACC, and the college may not be authorized to change them or add our own version to the ACC Forms Inventory.

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