Document Shredding Service Schedule

To adhere to data privacy laws and mitigate risks associated with identity theft, loss of confidential documents, misuse of sensitive information and non-compliance, Records Management has placed confidential shred containers in various departments on each campus. 

These confidential shred containers are for confidential/sensitive non-record material only—not records that are a part of the College Retention Schedule. A label on the front and/or top of the container informs faculty and staff how it is to be used. To have a container placed in your area, please submit a Records Center Confidential Shred Container Request

If a document shredding date falls on a day that the college is closed, the schedule will be revised; please refer back as needed.

Shredding Service Schedule by campus

If your bins are full or close to being full, please help the college mitigate any risks by utilizing the option to send non-record material to the Records Center.

Read more about properly disposing of college records.

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