Inactive Records Storage

College department heads (record custodians) have primary responsibility for properly and legally managing the records in their custody to ensure they are complete and accessible for the designated retention period.

Identifying Records to Send to the Records Center

Three types of paper records are routinely sent to the Records Center.

    1. Inactive records storage retention: Inactive records listed on the College Records Control Schedule that have NOT reached their retention date. Records are considered inactive if they are used less than once a month. The Records Center is not to be used for storage of extra copies of documents retained for convenience, or non-record material retained for reference, such as magazines, newspapers, or books.
    2. Records to be destroyed: Records listed on the College Records Control Schedule that have MET their retention date and are ready for destruction (see Destruction of College Records).
    3. Confidential non-record material: convenience copies and reference materials that are confidential: Records that are not on the College Records Control Schedule but are confidential and need to be shredded (see procedures for Destruction of Records).

    Inactive Records Storage

    Boxing Your Records for Inactive Storage

    1.  Select an approved storage box. Contact the Records Center (512-223-1170) to see whether recycled boxes are available. These are provided at no charge.

    • Standard Regulation Box (12″W x 10″H x 15″L)
    • Folder Box (12 1/4″W x 10 1/2″H x 5″D)
    • Check Box (9″W x 6″H x 22″L)
    • Archival Box (12″W x 10″H x 15″L)

    2.  Pack your Records.

    • Pack records using a systematic filing method to allow for retrievals and interfiling. Do not combine years.
    • Place all documents in file or expansion folders (remove documents from binders) with appropriate identifying labels.
    • Leave at least two inches clearance in each box to facilitate retrievals.
    • Do not bind or tape boxes. Do not write on boxes or box lids.

    3. Complete the online Records Transmittal form (RECE.003). This form will be submitted to Records and Information Management staff.

    4.  Complete a shipping label for each box. Attach the label in the center of the front of the box.

    Transferring Records to the Records Center

    1. Upon receiving a request, Records and Information Management staff will contact warehouse staff and request a pickup of the number of boxes indicated from the location on the transmittal form. Leave the boxes are in a secure location, but accessible to warehouse staff for pick-up: We cannot schedule specific times or dates for the items to be collected.
    2. After receiving the shipment, Records Center staff will assign a box code identification number, record it on the transmittal form, and return a copy to the originating department. This information is needed to retrieve records from the Records Center.

    Retrieving Records

    See Retrieving Records.

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