Procure to Pay (P2P) Forms

Forms for Supplier Use

The following forms are for use when responding to an Advertised Solicitation or as requested. See SBDP-SLBE Guidelines for additional information.

Submit at Time of Bid Submission

Submit at Time of Contract Award

SDBP- SLBE Subcontractor Utilization Plan

Other Forms for Submission (if applicable)

During the course of the contract, primes will be required to submit monthly compliance audits.

Forms for ACC Employee Use

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Certificates of Exemption

Please contact P2P’s Procurement Manager regarding the following Certificates of Exemption when applicable:

  • Annual Maintenance Subscription Renewal
  • Annual Software License Renewal – Subscription
  • Emergency Purchase
  • Institutional Membership
  • Library Goods and Services – Subscription
  • Sole Source

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