Supplier Resources

The following topics, listed alphabetically, provide current and prospective suppliers information about ACC’s standard practices and requirements for procurement and payments.

Bidding Opportunities

All current formal solicitation opportunities are advertised in local papers and posted on our Advertised Solicitations page as Invitation for Bids (IFB), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSP), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Offers (RFO) or Requests for Information (RFI). All related solicitation documents are posted under each solicitation topic heading and are searchable by issue date and date last updated by addendum, submittal register, bid tabulation, or award notice.

Notices regarding construction-related solicitations are also made to local area Chambers of Commerce.

Solicitation documents are posted as pdf documents on our Advertised Solicitations page. These public documents can be printed out as linked or picked up from our Purchasing office prior to submission deadline date. See Procure to Pay

Bid Openings

All interested parties are welcome to attend the public opening of bids and submittals received in response to an advertised solicitation. Information on the date, time, and location of the public opening is noted in the solicitation document and is generally the same as the submission deadline date. If you need additional information, contact the representative for the specific solicitation.

Commodity Codes

Search the NIGP Commodity Book published online by the state of Texas to determine the relevant classes of products or services your business offers. When registering as an ACC supplier or with the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL), be sure to provide the commodity code(s) that best describe the goods and services you offer as a supplier. ACC and other state agencies use the class-item numbering and descriptions found in this book to properly code needed products or services to best target available suppliers for informal and formal invitations for bid.

  • NAICS – North American Industry Classification System
  • NIGP – National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

Community Partners

Central Texas Small Business Partnership is a joint collaboration with the following agencies to provide business opportunities, seminars/workshops, and educational information to small businesses in the the Austin-Round Rock MSA which includes Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson Counties.

Community Resources

Conflicts of Interest

To avoid misuse of tax-supported resources and avoid inappropriate use of college resources for personal gain, activities that would violate applicable state laws or board policy are prohibited.

Contractor Safety

See forms related to contractor safety.

Direct Deposit

ACC encourages the use of electronic payment transfers to securely and efficiently remit payments due to suppliers. To enroll in direct deposit, complete and submit the supplier Direct Deposit Authorization form to Procure to Pay.


Payment Terms

Prime Contractors on Current Major Construction Projects

Protests or Appeals

Any bidder or respondent to an advertised solicitation aggrieved in connection with a procurement may protest to the Director of Procure to Pay. The protest must be received in writing within 10 calendar days after the aggrieved knows or should have known the facts giving rise to the protest.

The director will review the protest and determine its validity. If a mutual resolution is not made, then the protest shall be submitted to the Executive Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration.

The college Chancellor or his designee shall have the final authority for determination and to take any action to resolve the protest appeal.

Purchase Terms and Conditions

Register as an ACC Supplier

View the Supplier Registration page for information about ACC’s Supplier Portal and more.

Schedule a Supplier Presentation

Procure to Pay (P2P) provides suppliers the opportunity to introduce their products and services to a member of the procurement team and interested ACC personnel.  Appointments are scheduled on a monthly basis for a strict 30 minutes presentation window between 8 a.m. and noon central time. To schedule a presentation appointment, please submit a completed Vendor Meeting Request or email for detailed information. Upcoming dates will be added when available.

Small Business Development Program

Read about ACC’s Small Business Development Program.

SLBE Certification Eligibility

A Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE):  

  1. Is independently owned and controlled for-profit business 
  2. Meets the industry-based size standards established by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 13 CFR 121.201 
  3. Is headquartered or otherwise located at a fixed, established commercial address located within ACC’s taxing district

*The applicable small business size standards are tied to the industry-based size standards established by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 13 CFR 121.201, but may be periodically evaluated and adjusted by the college’s administration based upon local market data collected pursuant to the SBDP to better serve the intent and objectives of this policy; (If a business has not existed for 3 years, the gross sales limits described above shall be applied based upon the annual averages over the existence of the business).

Solicitation Awards

Bid tabulations and award notices are posted under the solicitation heading for each advertised solicitation as they become available. For information on the selection process, contact the representative for the specific solicitation.

Solicitation Goals

At this time, ACC has not associated any specific SLBE participation goals in current and upcoming projects or contract awards. However, ACC may implement additional measures to achieve the objectives of the Small Business Development Program in the future.

Solicitation Scoring

Criteria used to evaluate solicitation responses are outlined in the advertised solicitation. All SBDP requirements associated with a solicitation, including submission of completed SBDP forms, are considered deliverables and failure to submit by published deadline or to knowingly misrepresent facts could be deemed non-responsive or non-compliant. Any firm found to knowingly misrepresent facts or be in non-compliance may be disqualified for consideration.

Standard Insurance Requirements

Standard insurance requirements for contractors are found in the Contractor Safety section of the Safety Manual published by ACC’s Environmental Health Safety & Insurance Department. Specific insurance requirements will be noted in the advertised solicitation.

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