Supplier Registration

Review this Notice to Suppliers regarding ACC’s Supplier Portal.

All suppliers must be registered through ACC’s Supplier Portal. The Supplier Portal allows suppliers to update and maintain their supplier data (such as addresses and settlement banking information) as well as streamline their invoice processing and payment activity. To ensure prompt payments, suppliers must upload their invoices through the Supplier Portal. This allows suppliers to enter their invoice information through the Supplier Portal for ACC’s Procure to Pay/Accounts Payable department to audit, verify and confirm approvals for payment.  

The two-step process is detailed in the Notice to Suppliers Regarding ACC’s Supplier Portal. Generally, the two steps are:

  1. The supplier (your company) must self-register to apply for an account with the ACC Supplier Portal.
  2. Once the Supplier Portal Self-registration has been completed, ACC will review and approve for you to complete the Supplier Contact Portal setup.

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