Small Business Development Program

As adopted December 2014, ACC’s Board of Trustees established the Small Business Development Program (SBDP) to encourage small, local and emerging businesses to participate in purchasing and contracting opportunities offered by the college.

The following information is intended to help suppliers understand requirements, qualifications, and the application process for SBDP participation.

Register as a Supplier

ACC has developed an online supplier registration for all businesses that are interested in providing goods and services, professional services and construction services to the District. This list will also include certified Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) suppliers. Visit our Supplier Registration page for instructions.  

Solicitation Goals

ACC has not associated any specific SLBE participation goals in current and upcoming projects or contract awards. However, ACC may implement additional measures to achieve the objectives of the SBDP in the future.

Solicitation Scoring

Criteria used to evaluate solicitation responses are outlined in the advertised solicitation. All SBDP requirements associated with a solicitation, including submission of completed SBDP forms, are considered deliverables and failure to submit by the published deadline or to knowingly misrepresent facts could be deemed non-responsive or non-compliant. Any firm found to knowingly misrepresent facts or be in non-compliance may be disqualified for consideration.

SLBE Certification Eligibility

A Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) must:

  1. Be an independently owned and controlled for-profit business.
  2. Meet the industry-based size standards* established by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in 13 CFR 121.201.
  3. Be headquartered or otherwise located at a fixed, established commercial address located within the ACC taxing district.

*The applicable small business size standards are tied to the industry-based size standards established by the SBA in 13 CFR 121.201, but may be periodically evaluated and adjusted by the college’s administration based upon local market data collected pursuant to the SBDP to better serve the intent and objectives of this policy; (If a business has not existed for 3 years, the gross sales limits described above shall be applied based upon the annual averages over the existence of the business).

Monthly Supplier Presentations: What can YOUR business provide?

Procurement and Materials Management (PMM) provides suppliers the opportunity to meet with the Purchasing team. At monthly supplier meetings, suppliers are given 30 minutes to present their goods/services to a member of the purchasing team. These meetings will be scheduled in the morning (8 a.m. to noon) and suppliers must adhere to the 30 minute time limit. Please complete and submit Vendor Meeting Request form or email for detailed information.

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Past Event Highlights

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Questions and Answers

If you need information to respond to an advertised solicitation, direct your questions to the designated contact for the solicitation.

What is the SBDP program?

To maximize the economic vitality and robustness of the District’s service area, ACC, the Board of Trustees amended ACC Board Policy CF (Local) to establish the Small Business Development Program (SBDP). The SBDP seeks to achieve this objective through race– and gender– neutral means with the assurance that SLBE firms are provided the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in all purchasing and contracting opportunities.

How do I register as a Supplier?

ACC has developed an online supplier registration for all businesses that are interested in providing goods and services, professional services, non-professional services and construction services to the District. This list will also include certified Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) suppliers. Register as a supplier. Supplier registration is a two-step process, FIRST: Ensure you have a profile in the management system. SECOND: Complete the ACC-specific supplier registration. ACC encourages all Small Businesses to certify as an SLBE if they meet the guidelines.

How do I choose a NAICS/NIGP code for my Online Supplier Profile?

Start with the tables published by the NAICS or NIGP that list all the codes by category or categories that describe what you sell then select the code(s) that best describe the goods and services you provide.

How do I register for the SLBE certification?

Small, local businesses can start their registration by submitting a completed SLBE Self Certification form.

Do State Certified HUB/Small Business companies qualify for the SLBE program ?

A State Certified Small Business (Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) may qualify for SLBE certification. All businesses are encouraged to submit the proper paperwork required for SLBE Certification regardless of current/previous certifications. Your business does not have to be state certified to participate in ACC’s Small Business Development Program (SBDP) as an SLBE.

Will MBE or WBE firms be required or will verification of ethnicity be required?

No. We are asking firms to identify all subcontractors working on the project and/or team formed regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. Specifically, we are asking for increased participation with small and local firms without regard to race or gender of business ownership.

How long is the SLBE certification valid?

SLBE certification is valid for two years

How do I find out about bidding opportunities?

All formal bidding opportunities are advertised in local papers and posted to our website under Advertised Solicitations. Notices regarding construction-related solicitations are also made available to local area Chambers of Commerce.

How can SLBE firms be proactive in seeking business opportunities with ACC?

It is important to attend pre-bid meetings, network and market your company to Prime Contractors, respond to Prime Contractors’ outreach efforts, check ACC’s website for upcoming bid opportunities, and use services offered by the SBDP and the buyers in the Procurement and Materials Management (PMM) unit. We are here to help you!

Do I have to be a registered supplier before I can submit a bid?

No, however, you must be a registered supplier with ACC to be awarded any business by ACC.

For More Information

Visit the internal SBDP website.

Find additional information on ACC’s Small Business Development Program, including Upcoming Solicitations, List of Prime Contractors, List of Procurement Buyers, ACC Purchasing Limits and other resources.

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