Emergency Preparedness Week

Welcome to Emergency Preparedness Week

ACC hosts Emergency Preparedness Week during the third week of every semester to educate students, faculty, and staff on the best actions to take if an emergency were to happen on campus. Everyone in the ACC community is responsible for being prepared in an emergency.  Plan for the unexpected so you don’t have to think – you react.

Campus Drills

Drills are scheduled for this week! Review emergency egress plans to find your nearest exit and an alternate. Also, locate the Area of Rescue Assistance if you can’t use the stairs and the Rally Point where everyone should gather until the ALL CLEAR is called.

ACC Emergency Alert System Test

ACC will test its Emergency Alert System. During the test, you should receive an alert at your ACCmail account and any text-enabled device listed in your ACC Emergency Alert contact information. Please verify or update your contact information so you can participate. Emergency message boards and PA speakers around campus will be activated. A test message will be posted on the ACC web page, Emergency web page, on Facebook and Twitter.

Rave Mobile Safety is ACC’s service provider. So that messages to your cell phone are displayed as “ACC Emergency Alert,” create or update the entry in your phone’s contacts list with the following information: 226787, 67283, 78015, 81437 (enter these “short codes” as individual phone numbers) and austincc@getrave.com OR messages@getrave.com (if your phone doesn’t receive short codes). 

Preparedness Tips 

Campus Postings

  • Emergency procedures posters: Posters are located in classrooms and meeting rooms to provide information on different emergency procedures.
  • Emergency Egress plans: Plans are located near the emergency procedures posters. They show five important pieces of information: building exits, Areas of Rescue Assistance, recommended shelter areas in case of severe weather, outdoor rally point(s) for building evacuations, and the location of automated external defibrillators.
  • Rally point signs: During a building evacuation students and employees should gather at the campus rally point to check in and receive information. Rally points are marked by posted signs and indicated on campus safety plans. Do not attempt to leave the campus while people are meeting at the rally point.

ACC’s Emergency Website

This website includes detailed information about how to respond to various types of emergencies, including active shooter incidents. It is always being updated with resources to inform, educate, and help prepare students, faculty, and staff. 

Remember: Report Suspicious Behavior

For emergencies, dial 911. If someone is behaving in a threatening manner, report it to your instructor, dean of student services, supervisor, an ACC police officer, or your campus manager. 

Thank you for your help in making ACC campuses safe and secure for everyone.

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