Emergency Drills & Pre-planning

An Important Note Regarding Drills

Drills are an important component of ACC’s readiness plan and they are required by law. By practicing what to do before an emergency, you learn what to do and how to get to safety more quickly next time. Regular building evacuation drills are conducted, for your convenience, during Emergency Preparedness Week.

Any time the fire alarm is activated, leave the building immediately. Don’t waste valuable time wondering “is this just a drill?” Know that other types of drills may take place at your campus.

Take time to learn emergency procedures so you don’t have to think, you react.

An Important Note Regarding Pre-planning

Thinking through “what if” scenarios may also encourage you to seek out critical information such as:

  • Am I properly registered to receive ACC Emergency Alerts?
  • What are ACC’s emergency numbers?
  • What are ACC’s basic emergency procedures?
  • Where are the fire alarm pull stations?
  • Where is the nearest exit and where does it lead? Where is my alternate exit?
  • Where is the nearest area of rescue assistance and how is it used? Where is my alternate?
  • Where is the rally point and what happens when I get there?
  • Where are the safest areas of the building to ride out severe weather?
  • Where is the nearest lockable room in case of active shooter?
  • Where is the AED in case someone has a heart attack?

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