ACC Emergency Alert

ACC Emergency Alert is the system that sends safety and security-related notifications via email and text message. ACC Emergency Alerts advise you of threats on campus, certain crimes that were reported, impending weather, and campus closures.

You can provide up to three emails and three mobile phone numbers for notifications. Verify, add, or delete contact information by logging into the RAVE Mobile Safety website using your ACCeID and password.

  1. Enter “Austin Community College” in the field that asks for the site name and click Continue.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions (ACC has a contract with RAVE).
  3. Verify your information; add or delete contacts. NOTE: You can’t edit notifications to your ACCmail account. You will always receive ACC Alert emails.
  4. Click Save.

ACC Alert is used only in the event of a safety or security-related incident and for occasional testing of the system. You won’t receive unsolicited messages and your name and phone number will not be shared with anyone else through this system.

Rave Mobile Safety is ACC’s service provider. So that messages to your cell phone are displayed as “ACC Emergency Alert,” create or update the entry in your phone’s address book with the following contact information: 226787, 67283, 78015, 81437 (enter these “short codes” as individual phone numbers) and OR (if your phone doesn’t receive short codes). 

Check the ACC home page and ACC’s social media accounts regularly for information and updates.

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