Area of Rescue Assistance

  • If you cannot use the stairs, go to an Area of Rescue Assistance located near most stairwells. Areas of Rescue Assistance are marked on Emergency Egress Maps posted in classrooms and throughout the building.
  • If there is an Emergency Coordinator on your floor, they will check the Area of Rescue Assistance before leaving the floor. If there is not an emergency coordinator on your floor ask those leaving the building to report your position to the emergency coordinators at the rally point or call Campus Police Dispatch by dialing 512-223-1231. 
  • The emergency coordinator will radio to the Campus Manager and confirm that your location is known.
  • If possible, they will get a time estimate for the fire department’s arrival and share that information with you.
  • The fire department makes rescue their first priority when they arrive on-site.
  • The fire department will determine if it is safe to use the elevator or will provide any necessary assistance in descending the stairs.
  • The emergency coordinator will stay with you if possible and provide updates as they are available.
  • If your position becomes unsafe, or any time that the stairs are substantially clear of traffic, move onto the stairwell landing to wait for rescue assistance from the fire department. Make sure the stairwell doors are properly closed. The stairwell is constructed to resist fire for at least one hour.

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