Water Conservation

Austin Community College District is keenly aware of regional water issues, including frequent cycles of drought and various stages of water restrictions. The ACC District employs a variety of water conservation solutions including:

  • Advanced metering and leak detection
  • Low flow fixtures, sinks, urinals, and toilets
  • Reclaimed water and greywater
  • Rainwater and condensate harvesting
  • Water-smart plant selections: native and adapted strategy
  • Water-saving turf guidelines

Water-saving Plumbing Fixtures

ACC has retrofitted water-saving plumbing fixtures throughout the district. This includes:

  • 0.35 gal/min faucet aerators, reducing water usage by more than 80% from conventional faucets
  • Upper cut toilet flush handles, which can save up to 1/2 gallon of water per flush
  • Water-saving urinals that use 1/8 gallon per flush

Reclaimed Water

Using reclaimed water is just one way that ACC works to reduce our impact on the environment and strain on the public water system.

Greywater Use

Where possible, ACC avoids using potable water for purposes that do not require it, such as flushing toilets. This water can be sourced from rainwater collection, HVAC condensate, or purple pipe reclaimed water.

Rainwater Harvesting 

ACC’s rainwater collection cisterns are highly visible around the District. Collecting rainwater reduces stormwater runoff, which helps prevent flash flooding in powerful storms, reduce water pollution, and stores the extra water for use later when the rain stops and the landscape needs irrigation.

HVAC Condensate

Condensate water, the condensation that accumulates around cold compressor lines and chillers, is harvested into the rainwater collection cisterns and used for flushing toilets and irrigating landscaping.

City Reuse Water (The Purple Pipe System)

In 2011, ACC and the City of Austin collaborated to make reclaimed water infrastructure available for the Riverside Campus. This helped save resources and prepare for the future development.

In 2009, Purple Pipes (reclaimed water pipes) were installed at Round Rock Campus in collaboration with the City of Round Rock for future reclaimed water connection. In 2015, the City of Round Rock finalized the Reuse Water project nearby ACC Round Rock Campus. Now the campus is irrigated with the city’s reuse water.

Xeriscaping & Native Plant Landscaping

ACC prioritizes landscaping that supports wildlife, particularly pollinators. Every ACC campus has a Monarch butterfly waystation.

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