Real Estate & Land Acquisition

Facilities and Construction’s participation is integral to the District’s Real Estate negotiations. Facilities and Construction (F&C) assesses existing District properties and evaluates potential real estate lease spaces and purchases before issuing guidance essential to contract negotiations. F&C handles all lease renewals and monthly payments of spaces leased by the District. 

Facilities and Construction provides all criteria relevant to property development and procurement. Working with neighboring property owners and Authorities Having Jurisdiction, the following are all determined and managed by F&C: 

  • Site mediation 
  • Easements
  • Rights-of-way and Rights-of-access  
  • Development Standards and Agreements 
  • Joint Development Agreements 
  • Subdivision Agreements 
  • Preliminary and final platting 
  • Entitlements
  • Surveying 

In coordination with the ACC Legal Department, Facilities and Construction develops:

  • Letters-of-Intent 
  • Inter-local Agreements 
  • Memoranda of Understanding 

Facilities and Construction is typically the first point of contact between the District and those who are connected to a particular District-owned property.

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