Facilities & Construction

Facilities and Construction works to ensure that ACC’s physical environments best support the College’s mission of excellence in teaching and workforce preparation. Utilizing the highest standards of integrity and professional expertise in an accessible, environmentally and fiscally sustainable manner, Facilities and Construction provides:

Campus Planning

Master Planning

District-wide campus planning to align with ACC’s strategic and academic missions. Input of departmental stakeholders, advisory committees, and the ACC Board of Trustees is integral to this process.

Project Planning

Feasibility studies provide program, budget, zoning, and code analysis, as well as environmental and physical property assessments.

Real Estate and Land Acquisition

Evaluates potential real estate purchases and handles rental payments for leased spaces.

Energy & Sustainability

Energy & Sustainability

ACC is committed to becoming a leader in sustainability. ACC’s Office of Energy & Sustainability hosts sustainable initiatives designed to shrink the college’s ecological footprint and increase environmental awareness.

Facilities Information Systems (FIS)

Facilities Document Management

Archival of project construction files and drawings.  Management of building floor plans and access through Box.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

Development of district basemap and base layers for department overlays.  Maintains access control for GIS licenses in the college.  Development of wayfinding apps and campus information maps.

Space Accounting

Database of floor plans and square footages for all campuses. Additionally, we do room numbering, development of Emergency Evacuation Plans, and Campus Walking Maps.

Project Management

Capital Projects

Project  budgeting, scheduling, design and construction integrity ensure that the College receives the highest quality facilities that adhere to College, Board of Trustees, and industry standards. Projects range from minimal repairs to the creation of multi-million-dollar new campuses.    


Commissioning (Cx) is a systematic process of assuring by verification and documentation, from the Design Phase throughout Operation Phase, that the building system(s) perform interactively in accordance with the design documentation and intention, based on the Owner’s operational needs.

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