EOC Education & Outreach

The Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance collaborates with ACC’s Social Support Resource Development to share information about support services and resources for individuals and families.

Visit the Essential Resources site to find support for rent, food, housing, medical care and other family or personal needs. Resources can be sorted by county, keyword, or type of support.

Support Services

ACC’s Student Advocacy Center provides specialized assistance and referrals to a select group of students who would benefit from additional assistance to overcome challenges and complete their education.

ACC Child Care offers affordable child care year-round and on-campus evening child care.

ACC Sustainable Transportation connects individuals with a variety of transportation programs.

SSRD Emergency Housing Resources lists shelters and emergency housing.

ACC Compliance Resource Guide lists free or low-cost services for legal assistance, victim advocacy and more.

View ACC Employee Emergency Loan Fund and ACC Employee Emergency Grant Fund for information and resources for emergency economic assistance.

View information about retirement planning at:

Find resources related to health and well-being at Student Personal Resources and
Health & Medical Care Resources.

See resources for disaster relief at:

College & Community Resource Series (CCRS) Webinars and Related Presentations

Pregnancy and Parenting

WIC Presentation
WIC Online Application
WIC Austin Locations
ATX Family Care Facebook Group
ConnectATX United Way
Equal Opportunity Compliance Presentation
The Pregnant Scholar
TEA Pregnancy Support Services (for K12 school district students)
Student Advocacy Center Presentation
ACC Child Care for Students
Workforce Solutions Child Care Provider Checklist


City of Austin Transportation Presentation
ACC Sustainability Transportation Presentation
CapMetro Services Video Recording

Workforce & Career Development

Workforce Solutions Capital Area presentation
Capital IDEA presentation and Career Expressway video
ACC Career Scholars website and Steps to Apply video

Housing Assistance: Accessing and Maintaining Affordable Housing

City of Austin Presentation 
O-SDA Industries PresentationCommunity Brochure and Zuzu Mural Video
College Houses Cooperatives Presentation
Foundation Communities Video, Services Handout, and Communities Map 

Housing Assistance: Emergency Housing

Austin Public Health provided information on housing crisis resources.
Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) shared how they support the community.
ACC’s Student Advocacy Center for insight into how ACC directly supports students and connects them to resources.

Legal Assistance

Volunteer Legal Services Central Texas: Provides no-cost legal advice over the phone through attorney volunteers
Texas Advocacy Project: Offers a variety of legal support services, specializing in family law and legal issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
ACC Employee Assistance Program: Full-time and part-time employees (excludes hourly workers) at the College qualify for EAP’s Advantage Legal Assist program.

Sexual Health

Economic Assistance

On-Demand Education & Outreach

ACC’s online education platform for mandatory student and employee training is Get Inclusive. Students and employees must complete the assigned training through Get Inclusive to meet education requirements. The following training is for informational purposes only.

Employee Compliance Training

Student Compliance Training


The Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance is eager to partner with interested students, faculty, and staff to empower our ACC community through education. Informational programs about the college’s sexual misconduct policy and can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of audiences across the ACC District. To schedule a presentation, contact Casey Martinez, compliance education coordinator, at cassandra.martinez@austincc.edu or 512-223-7857.

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