Victim Advocates at ACC

About This Program

ACCDPD’s Victim Advocacy Program is designed to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors who become victims of crime. This includes advocating for victims who report crimes, preparing them to testify against accused persons, escorting them to court appearances, preparing status reports on cases, regaining property used as evidence during a trial, assisting in obtaining compensation for losses, and assisting with academic intervention when necessary.

Our Victim Advocate Officers are members of ACCPD who have undergone training focused on victim-centered service delivery to reduce victim re-traumatization, provide assistance and connect with resources. These resources include services for on and off campus legal, financial, medical, and psychological assistance. The primary role for the Victim Advocate Officer is to act as a liaison for the victim and network with other resources for their specific case. Some of the resources include utilization of victim advocates in surrounding jurisdictions.

Mission Statement

The mission of ACCDPD Victim Advocate Services is to offer immediate and ongoing support to members of the campus community directly impacted or witnessed distressing events. Our advocates provide resources to victims, ensuring they remain informed about trauma and are empowered to advocate for themselves within the criminal justice system.

Services to Victims

ACC PD encourages any student who has experienced or has otherwise been affected by crime to feel comfortable using our services. Victim Advocates can support victims of any crimes, including:

  • Theft of personal belongings (computer, bike, etc.)
  • Identity theft
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Discrimination
  • Sexual Assault
  • Intimate / Family Violence
  • Burglary
  • Physical Assault
  • Stalking

Services can also be utilized when there is a general fear for their safety or the safety of dependents even if it does not involve a crime.

Oftentimes, victims are not aware of their rights or how the criminal justice system works. Victim Advocates can preview this process and work with individuals to provide the following:

  • Transparent communication for victims that allow them to be properly informed and involved in the legal process
  • Safety planning to brainstorm ways of staying safe that may also help reduce the risk of future harm or crisis
  • Collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to secure safety on and off campus
  • Individualized victim preparation to participate in the criminal justice system more effectively
  • Interpretation of legal procedures or notifications received

Additionally, ACC PD can also provide the following:

  • Welfare checks
  • Campus escorts for safe movement
  • Issuance of Criminal Trespass Warnings (CTW)
  • Enforcement of protective orders set by other law enforcement agencies


Local and National Resources

ResourceDetailsService Website
Texas Attorney General’s Crime VictimsInformation on state sponsored services offered.Visit Website
Texas Attorney General’s Crime Victims CompensationInformation on eligibility and application for the CV compensation fund.Visit Website
SAFE AllianceSAFE provides services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking/exploitation.Visit Website
Suicide HotlineSuicide and crisis hotline phone: 988Visit Website
National Alliance on Mental IllnessOffers education programs, advocates for individuals and families affected by mental illness.Visit Website
Central Texas Food BankFood distribution for those in need.Visit Website
National Domestic Violence HotlineProvides essential tools and support to help survivors of domestic violence so they can live their lives free of abuse. 800-799-7233 or Text “Start” to 88788.Visit Website
National Sexual Violence Resource CenterProvides information and tools to prevent and respond to sexual violence.Visit Website
VAWNET Gender Based Violence ResourceAn online network focused on violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence.Visit Website
American Red CrossDisaster Assistance by providing relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergenciesVisit Website
National Human Trafficking HotlineConnects victims and survivors of sex and labor trafficking with services and supports to get help and stay safe.Visit Website

Know Your Rights

Crime Victims’ Rights -18 U.S. Code § 3771

Crime Victims’ Rights -18 U.S. Code § 3771

  • (a)Rights of Crime Victims.—A crime victim has the following rights:
  • (1)The right to be reasonably protected from the accused.
  • (2)The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of any public court proceeding, or any parole proceeding, involving the crime or of any release or escape of the accused.
  • (3)The right not to be excluded from any such public court proceeding, unless the court, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at that proceeding.
  • (4)The right to be reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing, or any parole proceeding.
  • (5)The reasonable right to confer with the attorney for the Government in the case.
  • (6)The right to full and timely restitution as provided in law.
  • (7)The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay.
  • (8)The right to be treated with fairness and with respect for the victim’s dignity and privacy.
  • (9)The right to be informed in a timely manner of any plea bargain or deferred prosecution agreement.
  • (10)The right to be informed of the rights under this section and the services described in section 503(c) of the Victims’ Rights and Restitution Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 10607(c)) [1] and provided contact information for the Office of the Victims’ Rights Ombudsman of the Department of Justice.

Contact Victim Services

You can request services or if you have any questions, please contact the ACCDPD Victim’s Advocate Services Unit at or Sergeant Kathy Dalton at 512-223-1231.

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